Crescendo is coming to Flow this July! Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.
Flow Roadmap

Improving security

Last updated: Aug 25, 2023

Today, Flow has 440+ staked validators in the ecosystem, which secure the protocol and ensure its resistance to censorship from corporations, jurisdictions, or individuals. Validators also help protect Flow’s open access, decentralized nature, and resilience to cyber attacks and natural disasters. Nevertheless, there are still more defenses to be added in the future so that Flow automatically detects attacks and the protocol can autonomously defend itself against malicious nodes within the network. Within a broader context, this is a continuation of the recent evolutionary steps taken with Flow’s light client and consensus upgrade.


Laying the foundation for autonomously operating network

Attack-resilient message propagation for autonomous node operations

Cryptographic proofs of protocol violations as a basis for slashing

Current progress

Over the last months, the core protocol team has made significant progress on the Dynamic Protocol State: R&D phase with a detailed software design proposal has concluded. The implementation is currently ongoing and expected to complete within the next few months. 

Earlier this year, the network reached a significant milestone for attack-resilient message propagation by becoming fully permissionless for developers - which allows autonomously operation of Access nodes. Also, this milestone laid the foundation for the anonymous participation of other node types. 

Lastly, Cryptographic proofs of protocol violations are still at an early stage. While research is at an early stage, the development is likely to be intricate with many requirements to consider.