Crescendo is coming to Flow this July! Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.
Flow Roadmap

Better developer experience for building fully on-chain dapps

Last updated: Aug 25, 2023

The Flow blockchain was thoughtfully designed from the ground up to cater to real-world applications and scenarios. Its architecture, optimized for high throughput and low latency, is an ideal platform for demanding applications such as gaming and DeFi. Flow's unique features, including native account abstraction and resource-oriented programming, simplify the development process and provide a more intuitive and secure way to manage digital assets.

Furthermore, Flow's cutting-edge virtual machine can execute more intricate computations than other platforms. This forms the basis for creating highly sophisticated dApps that function completely on-chain. To grasp the extent of its power, one can reference the GameBoy example, where it boots up in one atomic transaction.

With libraries and SDKs supporting popular languages like JavaScript, Go, Swift, Kotlin and Unity, Flow empowers developers to leverage their existing skills, accelerating development and reducing the learning curve.


Unlocking new experiences with permissionless interoperability

Streamlining the developer journey to ship complex smart contracts

On-chain verifiable and tamper-proof random number generator

Pub/Sub async on-chain events and data indexing

Current progress

The main protocol upgrade required to enable on-chain RNG is expected to be deployed in the next Flow network upgrade in Q4, 2023. 

The Attachments feature is currently in development and likely to be deployed on mainnet with the Cadence release in early 2024 – although it’s available now on testnet. 

The Event Streaming API is available today on mainnet, with FCL support planned for Q4 2023.