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June 2, 2023
Flow to the Future: Revving up for our next global hackathon
Flow to the Future: Revving up for our next global hackathon

Web3 developers will have an entire month to demonstrate industry-advancing on-chain logic and claim $500,000 in prizes

The wait is nearly over – Flow’s next global hackathon officially starts in two weeks.

The Flow to the Future hackathon is a global competition for Web3 builders to compete for more than $500,000 in prizes by building the future of decentralized applications with maximally on-chain logic. The hackathon kicks off on June 15 and will last for an entire month, concluding on July 15.

The decentralized and secure internet of the future depends on smart contracts running their core business logic on-chain. However, most Web3 applications today are forced to simplify their on-chain logic or offload it to centralized side chains due to transaction fees or network computational limits.

The status quo is changing. Applications built with Flow’s native programming language, Cadence, can be truly decentralized and represent complex on-chain logic, minimizing developer headaches while unlocking the potential for composable applications that are both permissionless and interoperable. Need inspiration? See how a community member recently booted an entire gaming console in a single Flow transaction using Cadence.

With backing from key sponsors and partners including Amazon Web Services, Chainlink, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Quicknode, and more, the Flow to the Future hackathon promises to offer a unique and exciting platform for developers to expand the power of smart contracts and ultimately shape the future of the internet. 

The hackathon features cutting-edge tracks across exciting territories including: 

  • Gaming ($50,000): Unleash your creativity to redefine what an on-chain gaming experience can be. From autonomous worlds to immersive multiplayer games, the possibilities are endless. A special judging bonus will be granted for submissions that use the Flow Unity SDK.
  • AI ($50,000): Redefine how artificial intelligence can be integrated with on-chain logic in our daily lives by building innovative solutions that are more secure, decentralized, and privacy-focused.
  • DeFi ($50,000): Build and improve on powerful DeFi protocols that will bring financial services to everyone in the world. Special judging bonuses will be awarded for solutions that extend and are interoperable with existing DeFi primitives on Flow.
  • Mobile ($50,000): Most of Web3 is still desktop-first, and it’s time that changed. This track is all about meeting the users where they are: on their phones. A special judging bonus will be awarded for users using Swift, Kotlin, or React Native SDKs.
  • General / Everything else ($50,000): Anything goes in this track; it’s a blank canvas to experiment with on-chain logic and the future of Web3. IoT, manufacturing, <insert your amazing idea here> – all are welcome!
  • Ecosystem Tooling and Infrastructure ($150,000): This track is dedicated to foundational innovations that will unlock new use cases and opportunities for the Flow community as a whole. There will be specific wishlist items tied to follow on grants.

Beyond the specific track parameters, special judging bonus points will be applied to submissions that adhere to the following criteria:

  • Fully on-chain logic: Go the extra mile by building all of your submission’s logic on-chain.
  • NFT Frontiers: A NFT on Flow is more than a simple ledger entry, it’s a unit of programmable code stored as a Resource. Dynamic attributes, algorithmic behaviors, NFT specific or NFT-to-NFT interaction logic – this unexplored territory is open for limitless creativity.
  • Mainstream adoption bonus: Use Flow’s Walletless Onboarding & Hybrid Custody solution to pair streamlined user experiences with the real ownership of Web3.

The Flow to the Future hackathon is geared towards developers that are ready to advance the future of decentralized apps by leveraging more on-chain logic. By taking part, you’ll have the chance to build with the latest Web3 technologies including Cadence, protocol level account abstraction and mobile kit.

Sound a bit daring? Don’t worry, there will be beginner-friendly and advanced workshops, as well as office hours with mentors and developer advocates to help you explore these technologies and more. You can also check out winning projects from the last Flow Hackathon for inspiration, including Wonder Arena (best mobile experience), Veles (best overall), and Piece (best use of Walletless Onboarding). See the full list of previous winners here

At the end of the submission period, projects will be judged by a panel of experts and formally announced in an awards ceremony. Select winning teams will also be invited to join the Flow Incubation Program, which includes access to mentorship and investment opportunities.

All revved up and ready to go? Register now, or visit to learn more.