Walletless Onboarding & Hybrid Custody deployed on mainnet.  Accounts can now link and delegate access via AuthAccount Capability.

Walletless Onboarding & Hybrid Custody Powered by Flow

Bringing 1 Billion+ Active Users into Web3


Transform Web3 User Experience for Mainstream Adoption

Provide a seamless path for mainstream users to begin their Web3 journey with familiar Web2 user experiences and to enjoy real ownership benefits of Web3 when ready.


Walletless Onboarding

Seamless UX in Web3 Environment

  • Web3 wallet creation and funding not required to get started.
  • Familiar Web2 onboarding experience (login, checkout).
  • Assets are held by the app (app custody).
  • Simple and scalable UX for newcomers.

Hybrid Custody

Real Asset Ownership with Flexible UX

  • The app lets the user connect to a self-custody wallet  (parent account).
  • The app delegates control to the user's wallet, granting shared access to app assets.
  • The user continues app access via Web2 login and lets their parent account own and manage assets.
  • The user can seamlessly use assets within apps and across the Flow ecosystem.


UI Abstraction

Flow enables developers to abstract complex underlying blockchain technology away from user interfaces.

App Custody

Developers handle account creation & custody on behalf of users to enable walletless onboarding and in-app transactions.

Account Linking & Delegation

Use Flow’s account linking & delegation solution to let the self-custody account control app-custody accounts.

Hybrid Custody State

Self-custody allows users to have real asset ownership, while app custody simplifies user experience.

Leveraging the account abstraction framework built into Flow’s  public, decentralized, layer 1 blockchain

Unleash Mainstream Adoption of Web3

Watch Walletless Onboarding and Hybrid Custody in action

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