April 28, 2023
The Doodles 2 Stoodio beta experience is live on Flow
The Doodles 2 Stoodio beta experience is live on Flow

At the beginning of the year, our ecosystem became a little more colorful as Doodles announced that its vibrant universe is expanding to Flow with Doodles 2. Fast forward to today, and Doodles fans can now participate in the Doodles 2 Stoodio beta experience on Flow – and we couldn’t be more thrilled to unpack what’s involved.

Leading up to the closed beta, the Doodles community has already had opportunities to activate Dooplicators and open Genesis Boxes to claim Wearables minted on Flow, including clothing and accessories. Now, it’s time to put those items to use for the first time.

Let’s explore what The Stoodio beta involves – including how to join in the fun – and along the way, we can revisit why Flow is the perfect home for such an immersive experience.

What does the Doodles Stoodio experience powered by Flow include?

Doodles 2 holders can endlessly customize their own personalized, dynamic NFT identities – with no gas fees and a seamless consumer checkout experience on Flow – to use across networks, platforms, events, and much more.

Once Doodles fans enter The Stoodio closed beta they can officially mint their own Doodle on the Flow blockchain – and they can even select their own traits, like skin tone and hair color. They can also dress them up by equipping Wearables, including the apparel, accessories, and gadgets holders received from their Dooplicators and Genesis Boxes.

How do users join the Doodles 2 beta on Flow?

While the Doodles 2 universe will be for everyone, the closed beta is intended first and foremost for the existing community of Doodles holders. There are three primary ways to get a Beta Pass, which will unlock access The Stoodio closed beta:

  • Activate a Dooplicator: Each Dooplicator initially comes with one charge that generates up to nine Wearables – each based on a holder’s original series Doodle – as well as one Beta Pass. But don’t get rid of your Dooplicator just yet! It’s only temporarily depleted, and will recharge for new uses in Doodles 2 that will be revealed down the line.
  • Open a Genesis Box: Each Genesis Box contains two Wearables and a Beta Pass. The Wearables are a randomized mix of items including headwear, accessories, tops, bottoms, and footwear – but remember, a Genesis Box can only be opened once and then it disappears.
  • Purchase one on a third-party marketplace: The most direct way to snag a Beta Pass is to buy one from another user on the Gaia marketplace on Flow. Dooplicators and Genesis Boxes are available for sale on OpenSea as well.

Keep in mind that Beta Passes can only be used once; they’re burned as soon as they’ve granted access to The Stoodio closed beta experience.

Building dynamic digital identities without limits on Flow

A universe as imaginative as Doodles 2 needs a blockchain that enables limitless experiences at scale, which is ultimately what drew the Doodles team to Flow. 

When users enter the world of Doodles 2, they get to experience dynamic digital identity, where holders can personalize their Doodle on-chain. Each item – from Wearables to music and more – is an ownable NFT that can be equipped to change how the individuality of each Doodle is expressed. All Doodles 2 collectibles can also be purchased and sold via the Gaia marketplace on Flow.

Flow has been carefully designed from the very beginning to empower developers to create limitless Web3 experiences for mainstream users. Its speed, security, eco-friendliness, and familiar user onboarding make it the perfect match for sophisticated on-chain experiences – like Doodles 2 – at consumer scale.

As Doodles CEO Julian Holguin stated previously, “Thanks to Flow’s powerful composability, holders can have Doodles that are portable and interoperable across social platforms, gaming worlds, live events, streaming content, retail activations and other imaginative moments. As we open Doodles up to the world, we know we can rely on an architecture that was built to scale from day one.”

With Doodles 2, the boundaries of what’s possible have expanded exponentially for the Doodles community, showcasing what Flow’s unique consumer-scale architecture enables. We can’t wait for everyone to join in the fun – and be sure to check back regularly for more updates!

Interested in building on Flow? Visit our developer portal to get started, and keep in touch with us on Twitter or Discord.