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July 5, 2022
Permissionless Smart Contract Deployment is live on Flow
Permissionless Smart Contract Deployment is live on Flow

Today marks a major milestone for Flow. Smart contract deployment on mainnet is now permissionless, which means anyone can deploy a contract to mainnet, without review. 

Check out this guide on how to deploy your contracts.


Ever since the earliest days of Flow, permissionless deployment has been one of the core team’s priorities.  Since both the protocol and Cadence—Flow’s native smart contract programming language—were in their infancy, we established a mainnet review process as a checkpoint to ensure the security of the network. Even with this temporary safety check, we still saw incredible innovation and adoption of Flow. Flow has recently crossed 10 million accounts on mainnet, 1,000 active projects and 2 million monthly transacting wallets.

What has made Permissionless possible?

The Flow core team has been hard at work since last year making foundational improvements at the protocol, language and governance level. On the protocol and governance level, Flow debuted its first ever governance vote introducing a new dynamic transaction fee structure that lowered fees for most transactions. On the smart contract programming language level, Flow’s native language Cadence underwent a process of code-hardening, thanks to external audits and a community-wide bug bounty program. This hard work culminated in a version called “Secure Cadence.” Secure Cadence was officially deployed to mainnet on June 15th, marking the next generation of safe, secure and performant development on Flow. 

Coincidentally, June has been a record-breaking month for Flow, reaching almost 34 million transactions throughout the month, totalling 2 million monthly transaction wallets over 1000 active projects. 

With the release of Secure Cadence, developers can safely develop and deploy smart contracts on Flow. 

Our new Developer Portal is where you will find all the resources you’ll need to start building.

Impact to the Developer Workflow

With permissionless deployment, developers no longer have to go through a review process in order to deploy the smart contract.  As a result, you can go straight from testing your smart contract on testnet to deploying it on mainnet.  


Permissionless smart contract deployment is only one of many ways that the Flow ecosystem is growing and enabling opportunities. For example, Flow's $750M Ecosystem Fund is the largest joint commitment made towards any blockchain ecosystem. A diverse group of the world’s leading investors are deploying capital and resources independently to teams building on Flow who can now build without barriers. The fund is focused on gaming, infrastructure, decentralized finance, content and creators. Join a vibrant community building the future of Web3.

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