March 5, 2020
Introducing Flow Playground
Introducing Flow Playground

Today we’re launching Flow Playground, an interactive web interface that lets people learn about developing applications on Flow by writing and running smart contracts and transactions in a test environment. On Playground, you can write contracts using Resources, a powerful and easy way to programmatically model ownership of valuable assets.

Playground makes it easy for you to work through the fundamentals of developing on-chain currencies, collectibles, marketplaces, and more, all on Flow. You can participate in the community by saving and sharing your work with others.

Introducing Cadence

Flow introduces a new resource-oriented programming language called Cadence. Cadence is designed to ensure that your code is safe, secure, and approachable. Features include:

  • First-class resource types that redefine programmatic ownership of valuable assets.
  • A strong static type system, and built-in pre- and post-conditions for functions and transactions. 
  • Features from languages like Swift and Rust that make Cadence’s syntax and semantics feel familiar.

You can read more about Cadence and resources here.

Particpate in these open worlds today

Together with our community, Flow can power an open and trustworthy internet for billions of consumers. We’re looking for creators, companies, and ambassadors to bring this new digital world to life. You can work alongside brands building on Flow like the UFC and Warner Music to bring blockchain to the masses. 

To make this possible we're introducing the Flow Alpha, a partner program for the top projects building on Flow. Flow Alpha grants you the following benefits:

  • Access to our membership-only discord channel with the top builders in the space.
  • Co-marketing and business development opportunities with our partners.
  • Fundraising and business model advice as well as introductions to top investors for qualifying projects. Top projects in the Flow Alpha will be eligible for a more hands-on accelerator with deep involvement with the Dapper Labs and Flow teams.

You can read more about Flow Alpha and apply here.

Build on Flow Playground

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