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August 19, 2022
Cadence Developer Survey: Building on Flow
Cadence Developer Survey: Building on Flow

Cadence is Flow’s smart contract programming language. Designed from the ground up for Web3, Cadence introduces new features to smart contract programming that help developers ensure that their code is safe, secure, clear, and approachable. Check out the Cadence section of our Developer Portal to learn more about Cadence’s unique features and see why it is the best smart contract programming language.

Since its inception, Cadence has been open-source, and Flow community members have actively contributed to Cadence’s development, both via Flow Improvement Proposals (FLIPs) as well as direct code contributions (PRs) on the Cadence repo - 62 community contributions have been merged to date, and any new contributions are always welcome!

FLIPs and pull requests are not the only way you can help shape the future of Cadence! The Flow core team is looking for wider community feedback from Cadence developers and Web3 builders all over the world, with the goal of better supporting everyone's needs and use cases. 

To participate, please fill out the developer survey by Aug 23rd.

Click here to go to the feedback form

The survey only takes a couple minutes, so make sure to make your voice heard!

As a thank you for completing the form, you will receive the first ever Cadence MVP FLOAT!