Crescendo network upgrade is coming to Testnet on August 14th, 8am PT. Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.
Flow for NFTs

Powering NFT Applications and Transactions at Scale

#2 in NFT transaction volume
Home of some of the most popular NFTs

Why Build on Flow


Flow is designed to scale with fast transaction finality and low transaction costs. Flow can architecturally support up to 1 million TPS and petabytes of user data.


Flow has built in security at the protocol level as well as at the smart contract level due to the resource-oriented approach, account ownership primitives, capability-based security of Cadence.


Flow's developer-friendly environment and unique resource-oriented architecture at the protocol level and at smart contract level (Cadence) make Flow the ideal platform for building NFT-based applications.


Flow's NFT standard for creators makes their NFTs automatically supported by all existing & new wallets, marketplaces. As a wallet or marketplace builder, supporting the Flow NFT standard will automatically support all existing & new NFTs.


Flow is architecturally designed to be one of the most energy & hardware efficient networks. Minting one NFT on Flow requires less energy than one Instagram post.

Flow Ecosystem

The fast growing Flow ecosystem provides a large user base (20M+ user accounts) & a dedicated community of developers that can inspire and support each other.

Case Studies

"Flowty leverages unique aspects of Flow. Our loans can hold the NFT used as collateral because of Flow’s resource-oriented model.  Flow’s built-in security features ensure that our offerings can be trustless."

"Flow was built with a focus on composability and allows us to treat all NFTs the same, regardless of which collection an NFT comes from or what platform a user wants to use for a transaction."

"We are excited to be one of the leading platforms on Flow and will continue to do everything we can to improve the experience on Flow for all ecosystem stakeholders, from collectors to traders to creators."

- Michael Levy, Co-Founder and CEO at Flowty

Why we chose to build on Flow
  • Built-in resource-oriented model of Cadence
  • Built-in security ensures our offerings can be trustless
  • Flow’s composability empowers builders to support a wide range of users and products
  • Flow’s emphasis on scaling a developer, creator & builder friendly ecosystem
Our success stories

Flowty has quickly become a leading platform on the Flow blockchain in 3 months:

  • 5,000+ users
  • $300,000+ in sales volume
  • $1+ million in NFT loan volume
  • 500+ NFT rentals completed

"Flow's architecture provides a safe, scalable, and user-friendly platform for developers to build mainstream experiences on. The success we experienced with Flow is a testament to the blockchain's capabilities and the sense of safety that can only be earned through building secure systems, and these benefits ultimately led us to exclusively develop for Flow NFT collectors."

"Users feel more secure and comfortable in the Flow ecosystem, which enables them to fearlessly try new dApps and games, engage with other collectors, and interact on the blockchain in ways that they would not on other blockchains."

"Using Flow libraries, the app verifies that each collector is the true owner of the NFTs being traded, creates a trade proposal with a 5 minute expiration to swap NFTs, and ensures the swap happens in 1 transaction completely peer-to-peer, Simply put, it's the easiest, safest way to swap NFTs on Flow."

- Christian Dittmeier, Co-founder and CEO, Evaluate

Why we chose to build on Flow
  • Flow blockchain enables fast, frequent transactions, ideal for high-volume trading
  • Flow’s safety, scalability and ease of use meet the needs of peer-to-peer trading
  • Flow ecosystem, NFT user base
Our success stories
  • In just 10 weeks, the app saw approximately 20,000 NFTs traded on Flow blockchain, compared to less than 10 on the Ethereum blockchain
  • 45,000+ items have been swapped on Flow