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September 20, 2022
International NFT Day: Announcements, Events and More
International NFT Day: Announcements, Events and More

It’s officially International NFT Day, the first-of-many annual celebrations focused on the NFT communities, developers, creators, builders and collectors that make up the tapestry of Web3. Five years ago on September 20 the term NFT was first used to describe non-fungible tokens when Flow Chief Architect Dete Shirley published ERC-721. Five years later, we’re excited to help organize a celebration of the cultural and industrial revolution NFTs have become. 

We shared the overall vision of International NFT Day in our announcement post, and since then, we’ve seen a huge outpour of teams wanting to get involved. It’s exciting to say that Dapper Labs, Flow, OpenSea, The First Mint, a16z crypto, Ripple, XRP Ledger, Metaverse HQ, Coinbase NFT, Cryptoslam, LearnWeb3, Buildspace and the Vancouver Tech Journal have come together to bring NFT Day to life across blockchains, verticals, and mediums. 

Wondering what’s happening on NFT Day? We’ve got a full roundup of how you can celebrate with the community, but first, we’ll start with a major announcement!

Dapper now supports FLOW tokens

FLOW is now supported on Dapper wallet! We’re excited to introduce the 2.5 Million people using Dapper to transacting with FLOW on Dapper, a user experience that is just as easy as paying with conventional currency. Bringing FLOW to Dapper is an exciting milestone for the entire Flow community, and introducing non-crypto native collectors to using tokens for the first time is another step toward bringing mass adoption of blockchain technology to the mainstream.

Dapper users can now transact with FLOW the same way they currently do with their Dapper Balance (USD), including paying for NFTs, making deposits and withdrawals, and earning rewards. 

To learn more about FLOW on Dapper, check out the detailed announcement post right over here

Claim your exclusive NFT Day collectible

Don’t miss out on your chance to claim your free NFT Day FLOAT, a proof-of-attendance NFT commemorating the first ever celebration of International NFT Day. It’s easy and completely free — no transaction fees for you to deal with — all you have to do is head over to the claim site, connect your Flow wallet, and you’ll be ready to memorialize this day in history.

Then, make sure you share it on social media with #NFTDay to celebrate with the community! 

Your free exclusive NFT Day FLOAT is just a few clicks away!

(Plus, if you claim this with your Dapper wallet, you’ll be automatically entered to win some free NFT Day merch!)

IRL events around the globe

It’s been incredibly exciting hearing from so many NFT communities around the world, all wanting to host an event to celebrate on September 20. This year we’re proud to help support 27 events, from Long Beach, California out to Berlin, and can’t wait to see what next year brings! This is truly an international event, a message that was loud and clear as communities reached out.

Plus, Flow's Chief Architect, Dete Shirley, is holding a fireside chat during the Vancouver NFT Day event, one of the many awesome gatherings happening on 9/20, and surely a keynote moment for everyone able to attend the sold out venue.

Several NFT Day meetups reached capacity within hours in fact, but there’s still limited availability for select events happening. To see a full list of events head over to the In-Person Meetup Events section at

Virtual events galore

We’re also seeing a TON of awesome virtual events coming together, whether it’s Twitter Spaces with amazing panelists, or metaverses completely decked out for NFT Day. 

Announcements from around the Flowverse

We also have a TON of announcements happening across the entire Flow ecosystem and Web3 world, so we wrapped up some of the major happenings in the list below:

Thank you to everyone

Last but certainly not least we want to thank all of the teams that have come together to make International NFT Day a huge moment in Web3 history. It’s been humbling to have so many incredible people interested in lending their time and effort to making this a true celebration unlike any other, and even moreso, the amazing communities that make this all possible.

Enjoy International NFT Day, get #NFTDay trending, and don’t forget your free FLOAT on the way out! 

Till next year!