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April 2, 2020
Fortmatic and Flow: A Magic Partnership
Fortmatic and Flow: A Magic Partnership

Fortmatic and Flow team up to jump-start mainstream adoption of crypto with easy onboarding and amazing apps.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that Flow is a developer-friendly blockchain built for a new generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. We believe crypto is a fundamental part of the application stack, unlocking new capabilities for developers that are only beginning to be explored.

We think it’s hugely important to work with teams who share our vision for a crypto world that is easy to access and open to anyone. That's why we're excited to announce Fortmatic as one of the first tool-building partners to bring easy onboarding to Flow. Fortmatic’s new SDK, called Magic, makes it easy for developers to provide a seamless onboarding and digital asset management experience to their users. 

Bringing Magic to Flow

The Fortmatic team launched Magic today. It is a magic link authentication SDK for web 2 developers using web 3 technology. Magic is a non-custodial key management solution that encrypts user keys with cloud-based Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Private keys are never exposed to Magic or any decentralized application using it, and users don't even need to know they exist.

Sean Li, CEO of Fortmatic explained, “Magic gives users decentralized identity which is self-sovereign without having to trust centralized identity providers.” He added, “Magic also gives developers the ability to customize the magic link experience, giving them a lot more control over the UX! A cool secret with Magic is that every single user will be issued a blockchain key pair, which means for advanced developers, they'll be able to easily tap into the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to build future-proof and innovative applications!”

Partnering with the Best in the Biz

At Flow, we strive to partner with the best development teams in the business to bring blockchain tooling to developers, creating a vibrant and easy to use ecosystem. Know a team building something that belongs on Flow? Ping us on Discord to tell us about it!