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February 7, 2022
FLOW/USD Chainlink Price Feed now live on Ethereum, bringing cross-chain DeFi utility to Flow
FLOW/USD Chainlink Price Feed now live on Ethereum, bringing cross-chain DeFi utility to Flow

We’re excited to announce a FLOW/USD Chainlink Price Feed is now available to all decentralized applications (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain. With a secure and reliable FLOW price feed, developers and existing DeFi platforms on Ethereum can now easily integrate FLOW into various prediction markets, lending markets, and other use cases that require accurate, decentralized FLOW price data.

You might wonder, why are we talking about FLOW on Ethereum? We believe in a multi-chain future and Ethereum has one of the most robust DeFi ecosystems on Web3 that has been battle tested for many years. With the introduction of WFLOW (wrapped FLOW), the community can now bridge their FLOW from Flow to Ethereum with just a few clicks via BloctoSwap, allowing them to deploy the value held in their FLOW tokens on the Ethereum ecosystem. WFLOW is now listed on Uniswap.

This is just one of many utilities being added for FLOW holders. There are now over a dozen teams actively building DeFi primitives on Flow, with some of them getting ready to launch their beta platforms in the coming quarter. With USDC now available to the entire Flow ecosystem and an easy Ethereum <> Flow bridge, we are expecting the DeFi summer to start heating up on Flow.  

Permissionless composability is a key component of blockchains, and this Chainlink Price Feed is the first step for cross-chain adoption of FLOW. Developers and users can find more information about the newly launched FLOW/USD Price Feed in the Chainlink documentation

Chainlink is the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, with Chainlink Price Feeds helping to secure $75+ billion in value for leading protocols across the multi-chain ecosystem. The price data delivered by Price Feeds has multiple layers of decentralization, making it the most secure option possible for dApp developers. From secondary prediction markets to lending platforms and beyond, the advent of a dedicated FLOW/USD price feed through Chainlink unlocks a wide range of potential use cases for developers and users.