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March 22, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Join the DROPZ adventure in the metaverse
Partner Spotlight: Join the DROPZ adventure in the metaverse

This is a super secret letter from the outer space travelers known as DROPZ.

Dear metaverse pioneers,

We, the DROPZ, will pick you up for the greatest adventure in the metaverse. Prepare to be taken away to a place of endless opportunities.

The DROPZ NFT is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated digital collectibles #onFlow. We live in the Matrix World and welcome you there.

We are the first alien species #onFlow, friendly and open for everyone.

The DROPZ Origin

The DROPZ team is very well connected in the NFT space. We have played a long and important role as part of the fast and strong growing Flow community. We grew up with FLOW and have been involved since the community sale. Over time, we've watched Flow and the community progress and evolve into a mainstream ecosystem.

The high functionality and unique community, paired with great collaboration across independent projects, is something special. Launching the DROPZ on Flow was an easy decision.

The DROPZ NFT was founded by CAW-3 when the Matrix World metaverse launched in October 2021 with its hugely-successful lands drop. Special credit goes to the Portto/Blocto team and ecosystem for their amazing support. DROPZ will be leveraging all of the great tools in the Blocto infrastructure, from the NFT showcase in the Blocto app and wallet, to using BloctoBay as our secondary marketplace.

We have been preparing and planning for this project from distant space.

Now is the time to launch it and take to the skies.

More than a PFP

Despite being beautiful, the DROPZ are more than a profile picture. This project is based on what is possible to do in the metaverse, and the DROPZ art has been designed to be 3D friendly.

We strive to provide amazing utility for our community. The DROPZ are the intergalactic passport to the metaverse. We are recruiting the first ever player base for our lands in Flow Matrix World. The DROPZ are in the process of building a super inclusive metaverse infrastructure.

We are excited to introduce you to some of our metaverse facilities currently under space construction:

Space Casino

Matrix World Agency Tours

Art gallery


Spaceship Mothership

Open-air Amphitheatre

More holder benefits? Each DROPZ NFT #1-10,000 is also a unique lottery ticket that provides the chance to win prizes from raffles. Starting right after the mint, DROPZ will raffle collectibles from Flow NFT collections and hand drawn special 1/1s from the DROPZ collection. DROPZ NFT holders are eligible for airdrops, and the grand prizes of a Matrix World land plot and a PhantaBear.

How to join the DROPZ

Get your boarding pass ready, we're getting ready to beam you up into the cosmos!

Angel Round (1st mint, whitelist only) exclusive for our angel VIPs
Date: Monday, March 28th 2022, 36h duration
Price: 42 FLOW
Allocation: 35% (up to 3.500 DROPZ)
Mint allocation: Up to 10 per Flow wallet address

Area 51 Sale (2nd mint, whitelist only)
Date: March 30th, 2022
Price: 51 FLOW
Mint allocation: Max up to 5 per Flow wallet address

Storming Area 51 (Open public sale): 15 % allocation (or depending on Area 51 sales volume)
Date: During the area 51 sale, people will be able to "storm" the Area 51 whitelist sale, time will be announced
Price: 51 flow
No restrictions at all

ETH onboarding campaign

One of the most important approaches we're taking is to include our partners on Ethereum. In general, we have wide connections and partnerships across different blockchains. We want to lead these partners to our Flow ecosystem. The DROPZ will take care of this task.

We love Matrix World's multichain approach and want to encourage our ETH friends to acquire their very first Flow NFT to become part of this amazing community. The technology is constantly evolving. Flow is the perfect place for NFTs, with low transaction costs, ecofriendly sustainability, easy to use as a developer, and scalable, which also makes it an ideal environment for an innovative metaverse. This process is made incredibly easy with Blocto. Blocto's non-custodial Flow wallet can be created and funded within minutes.

With BloctoSwap, we can onboard users from every community. We also constantly publish guides and provide help to newcomers just getting started. People will not only have their first contact with the aliens, but also with their first Flow NFT. With the growing DROPZ community, we want to work with small newcomer projects as well as large established ones. Additionally, we have partnerships with big Ethereum projects. We want to use our expansive network in the entire crypto scene, not only in the Flow ecosystem.

Matrix World is an ideal place for people to make this transition and experience NFTs and the metaverse on multiple chains. Due to our many years of experience, we would like to strengthen and use this connection between ETH and Flow. We will also open a large facility on the Ethereum side in the Matrix World to establish this connection.

So, Ethereum friends, come with us for an outstanding experience and be a part of our movement. You can actively decide on topics of discussion in the DROPZ community and will receive whitelist access from our collaboration partners. It also works the other way around, if you are one of our Flow friends, we will bring ETH projects closer to you.

We want to connect the communities. Not only across universes, but across blockchains.

Flow Family

We would like to use this section to thank all of the early supporters in our Flow community. You have been supporting our Twitter stealth launch since the very beginning. The teams from Flow, Flowverse and all other collaboration partners made this possible.

Working together in Web3 is something special. Those who have been in the NFT scene for a while know that community is the most important factor. Thank you for your passion.

Special thanks to the entire Matrix World team. We would like to express our gratitude towards their constant support.

We await our metaverse pioneers and adventurers in our landing zone. We have so much planned for you, and are just getting started. We are eager to present incredible partnerships.

We are working to bring one of the biggest and most successful ETH projects to Flow.

Join our Discord to get your individual DROPZ probing and become part of our awesome Twitter community.

If you have questions about DROPZ, please reach out to us at any time and we'd love to answer them.

But for now, there's just one question:

Are you ready for pick up?