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February 16, 2023
Why Flow is the best solution for web3 developers
Layne Lafrance
Why Flow is the best solution for web3 developers

Entrepreneurs, web3 builders and brands are choosing Flow for engaging with diverse, global communities, because Flow is designed for cross-collaborations, community-creations, and deep personalisation. It is an open source platform that actively supports innovative and inclusive community experiences for brands you already know, including: Shopify, Ticketmaster, Youtube, Genies, LaLiga, Mattel, Bud Light, Ballerz, American Airlines, NFL, NBA, UFC, and many more

What do these brands have in common? They want to give their global communities - including you! - an unprecedented experience… and they’re embracing web3 to do it. They want you and all of your friends to have a seamless experience together - one oriented around your relationship to the athletes, artists, teams, games, and characters you love. 

The best developers also want you and all of your friends to have a seamless experience together, so, they’re leveraging the most scalable, global software execution platform to do that! With its resource-oriented programming language Cadence, building smart contracts on Flow is fast and intuitive. 

Development feels very close to object-oriented programming, with dedicated language elements to safely implement ownership and access mechanics. Aspirational grass-root developers, start-ups, as well as established brands are aiming to reach billions of people over time. Flow is architected to scale to billions of global users, with both energy and hardware efficiency unparalleled in web3. 

Developing consistent experiences across global communities is incredibly challenging for product development teams. Of course, we want to build out experiences for entire fan and customer bases, but it’s tough to get those logistics right, especially when it comes to ensuring safety and consistency across different regulatory jurisdictions.

The world of web3 on Flow makes it easy to tap into best-in-class standards and services for these problems, but that’s table stakes for the most impact oriented developers.

Beyond serving a global customer base and tapping into top-tier standards, developers are choosing Flow for the depth of personalisation, freedom, and flexibility afforded by the programming layer that runs on top of Flow - the Flow Virtual Machine (FVM). You can think of FVM like a global operating system that supports atomic operations and is highly consistent even in the presence of faults. These secure underpinnings allow communities to be defined by the individuals who participate in them, each of whom are free to move themselves and their property across the virtual world of experiences running on Flow.

As a developer, you can add products and services that allow greater personalisation around the attractions that are bringing users here; for example, Genies offers an SDK to build accessories for their avatars. This offers a built-in opportunity to extend their product in interesting niche’s for communities that are not yet represented.The SDK also provides the tooling needed by developers to tap into their avatar ecosystem and to compose their own games or experiences with Genies. We refer to this intrinsic ability to extend products running on FVM as composability. 

The modern webstack prioritizes individual autonomy, participation in community, and seamless global availability - Flow services that stack through Flow accounts, the Flow Virtual Machine, and its decentralized, scalable architecture which powers composability. We’re diving into why you need to be thinking about your community strategy differently and how that can come to life on Flow in this series: 

  1. Why Flow? Offering Real Ownership through Flow Accounts
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  4. In Flow – towards a globally-distributed, fault-tolerant operating system, we explain how Flow is architected to scale to billions of users while maintaining composability and decentralization.  (Coming Soon)

You want to build something new, something interesting, something no one has ever seen before. You want to share what you’ve built with friends scattered around the world. You are a creator. You’re ready for an unprecedented era of creativity; an era of community owned, open-source powered, creation that let’s you build a brand and experience around your best work. 

Come build #onFlow 🌊