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June 4, 2021
Flow is Partnering with AppWorks Accelerator #23
Flow is Partnering with AppWorks Accelerator #23

Flow ecosystem is becoming more vibrant than ever. With over 300 projects in the pipeline and over 3,000 developers building on Testnet, we want to ensure teams have all the support they need to build amazing products for consumer-scale adoption.

That is why we are ecstatic to announce we are collaborating with AppWorks Accelerator in the launch of their 23rd batch (AW#23). This collaboration will focus on supporting founders and teams working with blockchain technology, in the Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA) region, that are ready to build the open world on Flow.

AppWorks’ dedicated team of over 80 mentors, and an extensive alumni network of over 1,300 founders and 395 startups, are an incredible resource for the entire community. We believe working closely with them to discover and support innovative teams will further accelerate the ecosystem growth we have experienced so far. This is an equity-free accelerator which means you won’t have to give up any equity in your startup in order to participate once selected.

AppWorks was founded in 2010 and has a proven track record of success, including five IPOs among their portfolio companies (Uber, 91APP, NetPublishing, KuoBrothers, and MobiX). The startups and founders within its ecosystem are generating over US$8B in annual revenue, proving the effectiveness of their program and network. All of this has made AppWorks a powerful accelerator and VC firm, with over $200M in investable assets currently under management, and are just a few of the reasons we are excited to collaborate with their amazing team.

How will the application process work?

Here are the key dates to note in regards to the program:

  • Applications are now open till July 21, 2021
  • Interviews and admissions will close in August, 2021
  • The first round of interviews will be via an online application, reviewed by the AppWorks team
  • The second round is a 20 minute chat with the AppWorks team
  • Admission will then be discussed internally, with admission granted on a rolling basis
  • The full program will then kick off in September 2021 and last through January 2022

What are the ideal projects for AW#23?

Teams that will thrive in this program should have these characteristics in their DNA:

  • New and practical ideas for bringing the benefits of decentralization and crypto to millions of mainstream consumers
  • Experience building blockchain, gaming, or consumer products 
  • Belief in the empowerment of creators and consumers and novel value distribution
  • Commitment to the values of an open web and a desire to make an impact on everyday peoples’ digital lives
  • Willingness to engage with and give back to the community

What are the benefits of the program?

These are some of the benefits teams selected for this program can expect:

  • Dedicated support from the Flow team regarding tech, marketing, community, and product
  • Office Hours sessions with the Flow team on a referral basis, facilitated by AppWorks
  • Access to Flow’s educational resources and invaluable experiences shared by existing blockchain projects already live on Flow
  • Top projects in the accelerator may receive investment opportunities from some of our investor partners
  • Access to FLOW token credits to bring your application to Flow mainnet and bootstrap your initial user acquisition strategy

We look forward to meeting and working with incredible teams ready to build the next wave of applications that will power an open world. 

Apply to AW#23 >

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