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October 18, 2022
Introducing the Flow Ambassador program
Introducing the Flow Ambassador program

The Flow Ambassador program has officially launched, a new program meant to recognize, support and empower the most passionate community members who want to help Flow grow. 

With over 15 Million wallets and 10,000 developers, Flow is rapidly growing into one of the most recognized ecosystems in the blockchain space, both for its scalable multi-node architecture and unique smart contract language, Cadence, as well as its passionate and vibrant community. Flow Ambassadors will help show and tell the world why Flow is the place to build. 

All are welcome — content creators, builders, event organizers, moderators, thought leaders, and evangelists — as long as you are passionate about contributing to the advancement of the Flow network and blockchain technology as a whole. 

Want to become a Flow Ambassador? Get involved

Who you are

Wondering if you’d be a good fit to apply to become a Flow Ambassador? Here are a few key characteristics that make a great Ambassador:

  • Passionate about Flow and its mission to share the benefits of web3 with all audience
  • Currently engaging & networking with others in the Flow community
  • Demonstrated contributions to the Flow ecosystem via your unique skill set
  • Eager to get more involved with the development of Flow and help the network grow

What you’ll do

Once you become a Flow Ambassador you’ll be empowered and supported to make your mark on growing the community in whatever ways best fit your skill profile and passion. Here are some examples:

  • Actively participate in Flow community channels (Discord, Telegram) 
  • Create content by writing blogs, guides, video series, or contributing to code and samples
  • Host virtual events and/or physical meetups on Flow-related topics
  • Represent your specific region in the community
  • Be supported for initiatives that enable Flow’s vision
  • Network and participate in regular calls with other ambassadors

Ambassador Perks

Becoming an Ambassador has its perks - Flow Ambassadors get access to resources, special merch, onboarding and support from existing experts. You’ll also join a worldwide network of Ambassadors composed of creators, developers and other key community members.

  • Resources: Direct access to core Flow developers for support, guidance, and development and opportunities to earn FLOW.
  • Networking: Access to ambassador only channels, and opportunities to connect with creators, developers, and key members of our community
  • Career: Kickstart your Web3 career with hands-on experience and make your name known in the Flow and Web3 ecosystem
  • Exclusive merch: Exclusive swag for yourself and for events that you host

Are you ready to become a Flow Ambassador? Get involved!