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September 30, 2022
Emerald City DAO Discord bot: A must-have for Flow projects
Emerald City DAO Discord bot:  A must-have for Flow projects

Earlier this year, Dapper Collectives launched a bounty program targeted towards Flow builders. A program that was designed specifically to lay the foundation for a more decentralized future for communities on the Flow blockchain through the specific tools that communities and DAOs need in order to thrive. One of those bounties was awarded to Emerald City DAO to complete the buildout of the Emerald Bot, a tool they'd launched in earlier 2022. This bot allows for Flow projects to provide a new layer of utility to both non-fungible and fungible tokens, using their preferred asset to gate access to Discord. The best part? Emerald Bot is a public good for Flow communities - meaning it’s completely free to set up and use.

The Emerald Discord bot and accompanying Emerald ID service lets projects set up rules in their Discord to grant pre-chosen Discord roles based on NFT or token ownership. When a collector uses the Emerald Bot to verify that they are holding those tokens, they can get exclusive access, private perks, and other cool utility because of these special Discord roles. Ultimately, how much fun and utility is provided because of this is up to the individual project. But once the rules and roles are set up, the options become limitless. Will you host a celebrity AMA only for people holding 10 or more of your NFT? Will you allow verified token holders to vote on a proposal in a private Discord channel? Host special AMAs with your team and your biggest collectors? All of that, and more, becomes incredibly feasible due to the Emerald Bot.

How does it work?

When a Discord community sets up the Emerald Bot, they then have it in a channel where community members can click on a “Verify” button, as shown below.

When they click verify, they will be directed to a subdomain on the website. Here, they will be prompted to log into their Flow wallet. At the time of writing, Emerald Bot supports the Dapper Wallet and the Blocto Wallet. Once a user has logged in to either of these wallets, they can connect to their Discord. Then they simply go back to the project Discord, click Verify again, and they can receive roles. A collector only has to do the login process once on their Discord account. Even if they enter another Discord using Emerald Bot, they won’t have to log in again for verification of their holdings. They simply hit Verify once and the Emerald Bot does the hard work.

What can you do with it?
Token Verification bots like Emerald Bot can be very useful. By being able to offer specific Discord roles based on token ownership, projects can start creating some fun and exciting ways to leverage this. Here’s a few examples that are quite standard in the NFT space:

“Verified Holder” - This would be a role that is assigned to anyone who verifies that they hold at least one of the project’s NFTs in their wallet. You can then give them access to a holders only section, which can include general chat channels, special news or “alpha” channels, exclusive AMAs with the project founders, etc.
“3+ Holders” - This would be a role that is assigned to anyone who verifies they hold 3 or more of the project's NFTs. This is a good way to identify people that are perhaps more involved and more closely following your project. You can extend this to say, 10+, 20+, 50+, etc. depending on what is right for a given project.
“Floats Holder” - FLOATs are a powerful way to engage your community and provide a commemorative collectible NFT for them, at no extra cost. With Emerald Bot, the FLOATs can be another way to assign special roles and access.

“Project X Holder” - If you are collaborating or working with other projects building #OnFlow, you might want to assign a role based on people holding NFTs from that project. Letting you know how much your community crosses over with a collab or partner can be incredibly useful. Plus, it can be a way to strengthen any partnerships through exclusive access based on holding other NFTs.

These are just some of the more standard ways a bot like this can be used. You can also get much more creative. For example, the UFC Strike platform has an entire area of their Discord called “Champion Club”. It includes limited edition merch, access to exclusive lounges at UFC events, unique AMAs, and more. Access to it requires owning a Champion Tier Moment from UFC and verifying as such via the Emerald Bot in the UFC Strike Discord. Those who do that get to have some of the best and most exclusive experiences that a UFC fan could want.

Who is it for?

Anyone can use Emerald Bot! All you need to do is own a Discord server, invite it and set it up, and then decide what tokens you want to earn roles and how those roles function in the Discord. 

How do I get started with the Emerald Bot?

To get started, simply invite the bot to your Discord either via the official website or at the link directly here. The official Discord for the bot is Emerald#5944, with the Discord ID 907407354427998279. Always make sure you’re adding the official bot to your Discord. The permissions the bot uses are seen below:

Once you’ve added in the bot, setting it up is incredibly easy. The founder of Emerald City DAO, Jacob Tucker, has put together a video guide of the process. You can follow this along and be set up with the Emerald bot within 10 minutes!

The Emerald Bot is truly a game changer for anyone building a community #OnFlow. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Emerald City team in their Discord or the Flow team on the Flow Discord. We’re sure that in the coming months and years, we’ll see some really creative, exciting, and innovative uses of the Emerald Bot. If you’ve got a cool use case for it that you want to show off, make sure you let us know on our Twitter — @Flow_Blockchain — so we can check it out!