Crescendo network upgrade is coming to Testnet on August 14th, 8am PT. Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.
May 10, 2024
Celebrating 600 Million Transactions: A Milestone for the community and Flow Foundation. 
Antoni Palazzolo
Celebrating 600 Million Transactions: A Milestone for the community and Flow Foundation. 

Just half a year ago, the Flow community celebrated a monumental achievement: reaching 500 million transactions on our network. This milestone wasn't just a number—it was a testament to the vibrant activity and creative innovation within our ecosystem. And now, as we celebrate 600 million transactions with an eye toward the future, we're not just aiming for another milestone; we're on the road to a billion transactions. We are thrilled about the journey ahead and are already planning some celebrations to mark the occasion. This isn't just growth; it's exponential excitement building up within the community!

We are happy to mark this important milestone with a small surprise to the user who executed the significant 600 millionth transaction. This user will receive 4,000 FLOW tokens, while the platform on which this occurred, NBA Top Shot, will be awarded an additional 2,000 FLOW tokens. NBA Top Shot has already decided to distribute their portion back into the community. Updates on this initiative will be shared through their Discord. This remarkable achievement is not just a win for the user but a tribute to the thriving ecosystem Flow has cultivated. Let's dive into the story behind Flow, from its inception to its groundbreaking features and the exciting horizon brought into view by the Crescendo upgrade.

Why Was Flow Created?

Imagine a blockchain designed from the ground up to be fast, developer-friendly, and scalable enough to support next-generation digital assets and apps. That’s what we envisioned when creating Flow. Our goal? To power the platforms of the future without the compromises typically seen in older blockchains. Flow is built to scale without sharding, enabling easy and secure transactions that foster a seamless user experience.

Features We Take Pride In

Flow is not just any blockchain. It’s a vibrant ecosystem underpinned by several key innovations that make it unique and efficient:

Multi-Node Architecture: Unlike traditional blockchains where each node performs all tasks, Flow utilizes a multi-node architecture that divides work among different types of nodes, enabling optimized scalability and speed. Each specialized in a particular function. This setup includes:

  • Collection Nodes: These nodes enhance network connectivity and transaction data collection without engaging in the consensus process, making transaction gathering more efficient.
  • Consensus Nodes: These nodes are responsible for achieving consensus on the order of transactions, ensuring network integrity and agreement without executing transaction scripts.
  • Execution Nodes: Tasked with computing the results of transactions, these nodes separate the concerns of transaction agreement from transaction execution, improving speed and scaling capabilities.
  • Verification Nodes: These nodes check the work of Execution Nodes to ensure correctness, enhancing security and trust across the network.

This specialization allows Flow to optimize each role for its specific tasks, significantly boosting the network’s throughput and efficiency compared to architectures where nodes are not specialized.

Resource-Oriented Programming with Cadence: Our custom-built smart contract language is designed for safety and ease of use, enabling developers to create new digital assets and applications effortlessly.

Consumer Onboarding: Flow has enhanced access to its blockchain with walletless onboarding. This feature lets users quickly engage with the platform without the need for a traditional crypto wallet setup, making it more accessible to newcomers. Flow utilizes account linking, a mechanism that allows a single wallet to manage multiple accounts across various platforms. This integration provides users with one central entry point to manage all their accounts easily, simplifying user interactions while maintaining control and flexibility on their assets across different services.

The Crescendo Upgrade: Expanding Horizons

As we celebrate this milestone, we are also excited about the upcoming Crescendo upgrade, poised to revolutionize the blockchain scene. This significant upgrade not only introduces full EVM equivalence on Flow, connecting our platform to the vast Ethereum ecosystem but also brings several transformative benefits:

1. Enhanced Compatibility: By achieving full EVM equivalence, Flow enables Ethereum developers to seamlessly migrate existing smart contracts and tools to Flow. This compatibility reduces the learning curve and eliminates the need for platform-specific adaptations.

2. Increased Scalability and Efficiency: The upgrade allows Flow to handle even more complex operations at lower costs, empowering DeFi and beyond. For Ethereum developers, this means improved transaction throughput and reduced gas fees, which can enhance the overall efficiency of decentralized applications.

3. Expanded Liquidity: Integration with the Ethereum network expands liquidity options for all users within the Flow ecosystem. It opens up new avenues for cross-chain liquidity pools and decentralized exchange mechanisms, facilitating easier asset transfers and trading.

4. A Gateway to a Wider Audience: This upgrade significantly broadens the scope for Ethereum developers and users by providing access to Flow’s unique features such as native-level account abstraction and walletless onboarding. These features offer the Ethereum community new tools for improving user experience and expanding user base.

Alongside EVM compatibility, the Crescendo upgrade heralds the release of Cadence 1.0, our evolved smart contract language. Cadence 1.0 introduces a raft of improvements designed to bolster security, developer ergonomics, and performance. The culmination of these enhancements promises to streamline the development process and foster an environment where both Flow and Ethereum communities can thrive.

Maturin, CEO of MFL, a football club management game built on Flow, shares his excitement: "The Crescendo upgrade is a game-changer for us at MFL. It enhances our ability to create a more engaging and immersive experience for our players by leveraging improved scalability and new features that Flow offers."

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

As we forge ahead, the Crescendo upgrade is just the beginning. We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, driven by the people's needs and ambitions of our community. Whether you are a developer eager to explore new horizons, a user looking for secure and user-friendly digital experiences, a worldwide brand or a startup aiming to make a mark in the blockchain space, go with the Flow.