Build beyond EVM, on Flow: where web3 goes mainstream

EVM on Flow

EVM Equivalence on Flow

The Crescendo upgrade unlocks mainstream user experience and scale for Solidity developers and the fully EVM ecosystem. With  EVM equivalence, developers deploy any Ethereum app to Flow without contract code changes. EVM equivalence unlocks liquidity across web3, unleashing new potential for EVM  developers to expand their experience with only on Flow features, along with speed, low transaction fees, MEV resistance, and scalable infrastructure.

Cadence 1.0

Unlocking Opportunity with Cadence 1.0

This is a major 1.0 upgrade to the built for smart contracts programming language, Cadence. With this maturity milestone achievement new possibilities are available on Flow like EVM on Flow. With Cadence’s focus on being open and composable, all of the benefits will be available for builders to augment any existing EVM only app to build what was previously impossible only on Flow.

A giant leap forward in how apps on Flow are built and run.
Cadence code execution will be more secure, development of apps on Flow safer, and the language simpler to understand and more efficient to build in.

Scaling Improvements

Crescendo also completes a series of` performance improvements to the core protocol solidifying Flow as the best home for consumer-scale onchain experiences. Included in the release itself is Atree register inlining, a protocol upgrade increasing state storage efficiency by nearly 2x and reducing memory usage by 40%, which will drive significant improvements for network performance.

Security Improvements

Dynamic Protocol State is the foundation for countermeasures such as slashing misbehaving nodes or entirely revoking their authorization to participate. Flow continues its journey towards full autonomy and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) via Dynamic Protocol State.

Connecting Flow Liquidity
to the Full Web3 Ecosystem

Diverse on and off ramps

With a integrated EVM support, Flow will be connected to the liquidity backbone that drives web3. Best-in-class bridges and exchanges will seamless connect to Flow.

Core DeFi Primitives

With maturity of Cadence and Solidity support, with Crescendo  developers are enabled to build mainstream DeFi products with top-tier tools and building blocks.

Unlock EVM++
with Flow Native Features

Mainstream User Experience

Tap into intuitive user experience for mainstream audiences with account linking and native account abstraction for EVM and Cadence applications.

Extend Solidity with Cadence

Build beyond the constraints of Solidity and achieve new onchain functionality with Cadence extensions. Equip, attach and remix your NFT seamlessly only on Flow.

Seamless Connectivity

Assets freely move between Cadence and EVM using the VM Bridge, transforming data to conform to local standards. Use and interact with Solidity code from Cadence. Leverage scripted transactions to complete full user journeys across Cadence and EVM with a single click.

Breaking Down Barriers
for New Developers to Flow

Flow benefits without a code change

Mainstream scalability without sharding, fast and cost efficient transactions, and MEV resilience, all achieved on day one without a single line of code changed.

Equivalent JSON-RPC API

Connect to Flow using the exact same SDK as Ethereum Mainnet.

Zero modifications.

Equivalent transaction, account models, state & events.

Solidity Smart Contract Support

Connect to Flow using the exact same SDK as Ethereum Mainnet.

Zero modifications.

Equivalent transaction, account models, state & events.

Compatibility with EVM tooling stack

World class web3 tooling is frequently built with EVM. With Crescendo those can simply run on Flow.

Empowering developers and creators with the best platforms and tools at their fingertips.

Connect with Best Brands and Communities to Multi-chain Platforms



Emulator Cadence 1.0 Support

Dec 2023

Emulator EVM Support

Jan 2024

Crescendo Previewnet Live

Feb 2024

Cadence 1.0 Contract Staging Enabled

Mar 2024

Testnet Migration Environment Live

Apr 2024

Mainnet Migration Environment Live

Mid 2024

Crescendo Upgrade on Flow Testnet

Mid 2024

Crescendo Upgrade on Flow Mainnet

Mid 2024


The Crescendo upgrade

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Won’t the additional execution load disrupt the network?

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