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June 11, 2020
Cadence Cup Round 3: The Results are Here
Cadence Cup Round 3: The Results are Here

The results are in for Cadence Cup Round 3 and a winner for this round has been crowned.

For this challenge, we asked participants to make a useful and creative project that utilizes the unique abilities of resource objects in Cadence being able to own other resource objects.

A few of the project highlights from this round include: 

  • @Dennis, @WittyKitty, @KittyPad, and @QueenCryptoria built a LavaFlow game, which is similar to chutes and ladders. The game runs players through a gauntlet of obstacles that are randomly chosen. The player customization options and game logic are very complex and impressive.
  • @avcd created tools and add-ons for NFTs that allow NFTs to hold a record of comments and art made on them. Another tool included an NFT lockbox that allows owners to lend NFTs to other accounts while still having the assurance of ownership! @avcd even included a slide deck explaining their project.
  • @MaxStarka and @Daniel combined forces to create two projects. The first project allows for users to construct smart contracts by utilizing resources that allow them to upgrade their contracts without having to actually change the underlying code itself. The second project is a stack-based execution environment that defines different resources as opcodes in a programming language. Users can append these opcodes to the stack data structure to execute a different program within Cadence.
  • @Dhruvil and @hrones created a contract that defines chests with different loot inside. Players can use keys they own to unlock the chests to add loot to their pile.
  • | hte.eth and @natealex created a Flow name service contract that simulates a Domain name service in a smart contract. We believe that Flow and Cadence are great homes for name services and this is a great first step for creating that.

There were so many amazing submissions, but in the end there can only be one winner for this round. Congratulations to @avcd’s Memories of NFT project for winning Cadence Cup Round 3!

This idea was simple yet practical with many uses for future applications. The project allows for users to keep a record of who has interacted with their NFTs and it could help certain NFTs increase in value based on what has been done to them and where they have been. The NFT lockbox also opens up possibilities for safe lending and trading. Bravo!

Stay tuned for the results of the overall winner of Cadence Cup.