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April 20, 2020
Cadence Cup Round 2: Results Are In and It’s Pure Art.
Cadence Cup Round 2: Results Are In and It’s Pure Art.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their project to Round 2 of Cadence Cup. We, again(!), were extremely impressed with all the projects that were submitted this round.

Check out these projects ASAP! The playground will be updated with breaking changes on Tuesday, April 21 (PST), which means if you want to run these projects yourselves, do it today before it is too late!

Some of the amazing projects from this round include: 

A big congratulations to the winners: WittyKitty, Dennis, Kittypad and Queen Cryptoria for their Art Voting contract. The thoughtfulness that went into this project was off the charts. Their design of the mechanism for art voters to receive fractionalized ownership of the art they vote on is powerful as it incentivizes voters to help promote the art to establish its selling price.

This team made excellent use of resources in this project. They were able to separate important roles and functionalities into specialized resources that are handled in different ways. This form of voting can be utilized in real digital art sales.

To stay tuned on what is to come and to be the first to know when Round 3 is released join us on the Discord server.