Crescendo is coming to Flow this July! Flow supercharges the Ethereum ecosystem with full EVM-equivalency and the power of Cadence 1.0.
Flow for Gaming

Powering Next-Gen Web3 Games

Fast Responsiveness, Gas-Efficiency, Seamless User Onboarding

Why Build on Flow

Scalable Performance

Flow’s multi-node architecture enables horizontal scalability without sharding, supports high-speed, quick response, fast data state update applications such as gaming.

Gas-Efficiency & Tokenomics

Low gas fees enable affordable on-chain transactions, allowing developers to build high velocity gaming experiences and thriving in-game economies.


Cadence, the smart contract language, created by Flow is designed to enable composability, allowing developers to leverage shared resources such as code or user bases as building blocks for more sophisticated on-chain gaming logic.

Walletless Onboarding & Hybrid Custody

Enables users to start playing Web3 games without creating or funding a wallet; users can enjoy flexible UX via app-custody and real ownership of assets via self-custody when ready.


Flow offers a comprehensive set of developer tools. Flow SDK for Unity allows developers to leverage Unity’s robust native game development tools and Flow’s lightning-fast transaction speeds, endless composability, and low gas fees.

Flow Ecosystem

The fast growing Flow ecosystem provides a large user base (20M+ user accounts) & a dedicated community of developers that can inspire and support each other.

Case Studies

“Joyride’s mission is to entertain mass audiences with exciting, playful, and approachable mobile game experiences. Building our games on Flow allows us to provide distinctive premium gameplay, including tournaments and special challenges, to our players, adding a new layer of excitement to the traditional free-to-play gaming construct."

“From a developer perspective, it has been seamless to integrate and has enabled us to operate efficiently at the mass scale of our target market.” 

"Low fees and fast transaction speeds were key technological draws for us in choosing Flow. I doubt that we could have achieved the sheer bulk of transaction volume on most other blockchains without incurring significant costs.”

“The account, object, and access control models of Cadence are also very nice. It is an extremely effective language for smart contract development."

“We are proud to partner with Flow in bringing casual mobile games powered by Web3 in our Casual Game Championships franchise as well as our upcoming Super Champs franchise to mainstream audiences.”

- Omar Siddiqui, Founder & CEO, Joyride

Why we chose to build on Flow
  • Low fees and fast transaction speeds on Flow
  • The account, object, and access control models of Cadence, extremely effective for smart contract development
  • Flow empowers distinctive premium gameplay experienceFlow enables seamless integration
  • Flow supports efficient development at scale
Our success stories
  • 6+ million players from around the world have enjoyed Joyride’s games on Flow
  • 11+ million blockchain transactions / month at peak
  • Joyride’s Casual Game Championships built exclusively on Flow have consistently ranked in the top 10 blockchain-based games globally

“We’re pleased we released Dimension-X on the Flow blockchain, leveraging its features for a successful launch and its user base”

”DMX utilizes a staking mechanic to ensure that NFTs that are in play cannot be traded and that their metadata is synced to Gaia before going to the store, since NFTs can level up during play. This staking mechanic requires a transaction to be signed by the player and we have never once had a player question the wallet transaction as being safe thanks to the trust users place on Flow.”

“Flow’s gas-saving architecture assures that this transaction will have a low gas cost, which is of great benefit to our game and of games in general.”

- Senior Blockchain Engineer @ Crypthulhu Studios

Why we chose to build on Flow
  • Protocol capabilities & Cadence features that support gaming
  • Gas-saving architecture
  • Flow ecosystem’s user base
Our success stories
  • DMX was released on Gaia marketplace on 9/7/2022
  • Sold out 7,500+ NFTs  in < 1 hour
  • 36,000 MAUs and growing

“We’re thrilled to have picked the Flow blockchain to host MFL. With low gas costs and an eco-friendly approach, it aligns perfectly with our vision. Flow has an amazing, tight-knit developer community and offers constant innovation, bringing new functionalities with onboarding the masses as the guiding light.”

“Flow pioneers digital ownership, empowering users, in our case, to truly own their football players and clubs through NFTs. We’re turning dreams of owning a sports franchise into reality thanks to genuine asset ownership, and we’re doing that in the safest, most eco-friendly environment users could possibly ask for. Transacting on Flow is safe, cheap, and effortless.”

“Cadence offers some truly unique possibilities, allowing us to create high-quality, robust code. Deploying and updating smart contracts is as easy as it gets. It makes for a very pleasant developer experience.”

- Yann Uzel, Co-founder & CTO @ MFL

Why we chose to build on Flow
  • Eco-friendly design with reduced gas fees
  • High scalability prepared for mass onboarding
  • Unique opportunities unlocked by Cadence's innovative platform
  • Tailored for broad, inclusive user engagement
Our success stories
  • $725k+ total transactions volume
  • 75k+ football matches played by our users
  • 11 drops, all sold-out