Cadence 1.0

The most intuitive and powerful programming language to write safe smart contracts

Cadence 1.0

Elevated Developer Experience

View functions transform your code with enhanced reliability and safety. Clearly distinguish between state-changing and state-preserving functions, and anotate for better predictability.

Improved Safety and Security

With the Cadence 1.0, it streamline the usage of Capabilities and introducing Entitlements to make Cadence secure by default and removes previously confusing “foot-guns”.

Faster & Easier Composability

With composability at the heart of Cadence, “Attachments” make standard, and permissionless composability native on Flow.

And Many More Foundational Improvements...

Preparing for
Cadence 1.0

Mandatory update

To access these benefits, the Cadence 1.0 release is a breaking change. Dapp developers must upgrade all Cadence code, including existing smart contracts deployed on Flow, to version 1.0 for continued functionality post-network upgrade.

Learn the basics
of Cadence 1.0

Begin your journey with writing smart contracts in Cadence and building on Flow. Cadence 1.0 has community driven courses on Emerald Academy as well as extensive documentation.




Emulator Cadence 1.0 Support

Dec 2023

Emulator EVM Support

Jan 2024

Crescendo Previewnet Live

Feb 2024

Cadence 1.0 Contract Staging Enabled

Mar 2024

Testnet Migration Environment Live

Apr 2024

Mainnet Migration Environment Live

Mid 2024

Crescendo Upgrade on Flow Testnet

Mid 2024

Crescendo Upgrade on Flow Mainnet

Mid 2024

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