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April 14, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Zigazoo building safe Web3 community for kids
Partner Spotlight: Zigazoo building safe Web3 community for kids

This is a guest post from Zigazoo.

Hi Flow fans!

We are the founders of Zigazoo, the world’s largest social network for kids and top-5 kids app on Apple iOS. We are parents and former elementary school teachers who couldn’t find a single healthy social space for kids online that prepared them for the complex world they’re growing up into — so we built Zigazoo!

Our mission is to give children a safe and positive community where they can find joy, develop healthy online relationships, and aspire to their greatest potential as tomorrow’s digital citizens.

Zigazoo is a SAFE social app that empowers kids to express their limitless creativity. On Zigazoo, kids do video challenges by the world’s largest kids brands and share them with their Zigazoo friends. When a Zigazoo user completes a challenge, they earn Zigabucks — which they can use to decorate their avatar and purchase virtual fan merchandise.

Examples from our partners include:

  • Nickelodeon: “What face would you make if you got slimed?”
  • Netflix’s Ridley Jones: “If you were a scientist, what’s something you’d like to test?”
  • LeBron James: “Finish this sentence: I PROMISE TO”
  • CoComelon: “What do you love about CoComelon?”

In April of this year, Zigazoo did its first NFT drop on Flow with Nyla Hayes, the leading kid NFT artist in the world who has sold millions of dollars worth of her Long Neckie Lady collection and was featured on the TODAY Show the day of her Long Neckie Kids drop on Zigazoo. The drop sold out within hours.

Nyla Hayes is also joining Zigazoo as a community educator to help teach kids on the platform how to develop and drop their very own NFT collections.

Partners for upcoming NFT drops include:

  • CoComelon and Blippi, two of the most streamed children’s shows in the world: both are owned by Moonbug Entertainment.
  • Qai Qai, a TikTok sensation who already is a hit with millions of views on Zigazoo: Qai Qai is owned by Invisible Universe and is character IP in partnership with Serena Williams

The Zigazoo NFT collections are built specifically for kids with safety and digital literacy top-of-mind, combining Zigazoo’s industry-leading kidSAFE COPPA-certified community with an existing, trusted digital marketplace built on Flow, home to the world’s most trusted communities. Additional major partners and NFT drops will be announced throughout the rest of 2022.

Zigazoo’s mission for bringing NFTs directly to kids is to provide a safe space for them to express their creativity and teach imperative aspects of Web3 and financial literacy that will be the basis of the future economy. 

Users will have the ability to purchase NFT packs from their favorite brands directly through the Zigazoo app – with certain NFTs opening special privileges – via Zigabucks, the platform’s in-app virtual currency, or USD. Once NFTs are obtained, users will also be able to propose trades with fellow Zigazooers within the app.

NFT packs cost as low as $5.99 to provide accessibility for families to engage and educate their kids on the future of NFTs. Zigazoo NFT collectors are not only able to own unique pieces of art but also create videos, customize their avatars, and produce unique content with their NFTs, ultimately building their personal Web3 universe and fueling new levels of creativity.

Zigazoo aims to foster stronger digital peer connections through its NFT drops as users can trade with each other, bond over shared interests, and customize their profiles full of new digital content. 

Zigazoo decided to build on Flow because it’s critical that kids have a user-friendly way of collecting on the blockchain without having to know what web3 or blockchain technology even is. Flow opens up a world for kids whereby they have this access without gas fees and other on-ramp complexities.

Flow's innovative proof of stake architecture makes it environmentally friendly, which resonates with Zigazoo’s founders and parenting communities who care deeply about the future sustainability of the planet for their children.

We appreciate everyone who read this to learn more about what we're building at Zigazoo, and if you have kids and are looking for a way to start easing and educating them about Web3, we hope you find our community as a great place to do just that.

Download the Zigazoo app today to get started, and stop by our Discord to connect with our community for families!