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Zeedz: Fighting Climate Change with Sharks
Luke McIntyre
Zeedz: Fighting Climate Change with Sharks

This week, the Zeedz team delivered some exhilarating news - they've just secured an unprecedented €600,000 investment on the German edition of Shark Tank, "Die Höhle der Löwen." Not only did they score a massive investment - they became the first ever guest on the show’s 10-year run to secure funding from all five Sharks.

How did Zeedz score such a huge endorsement? By combining a solid environmental message with modern and fun game play. Once the Sharks got a taste of the app and its seamless onboarding, they couldn’t resist giving the thumbs up!

The Zeedz founders with the 5 Sharks

How the game works

Players can seamlessly purchase a Zeedz NFTs using payment methods such as a credit card or PayPal. Once they’re in, they can plant their Zeedle NFT - which are the Zeedz plant-inspired creatures - on a real-world map. 

As the Zeedles hatch and grow, they evolve in real-time, shaped by the player's actions and the climate of their virtual location. This unique experience allows players to observe the direct impact of weather on their creatures and gain a deeper understanding of climate change in a gamified context. Players can also engage in battles with their Zeedles. However, the heart of Zeedz goes beyond just entertainment; players interact with game mechanics that educate them about climate zones and offer actionable emission reduction tips.

A look at the Zeedz game in action! Download it here.

Fighting Climate Change

The environmental aspect doesn’t stop at just education though. In fact, the team behind Zeedz has committed 50% of all Marketplace profits towards fighting Climate Change in collaboration with their sustainability partner, The Gold Standard. This means that more players and users translates into greater  emission reductions and positive environmental contributions.

The brand new Zeedz game made its global debut on October 16, 2023, accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. The launch signifies not only a new era in climate-conscious gaming, but also a huge step towards making Web3 technology engaging and inclusive  for a broader audience.  With Zeedz, players can enjoy a gamified learning experience while actively contributing to real-world climate initiatives. It’s a purpose-driven game that combines  fun and education. The Die Höhle investment is  not only a testament to the awesome game they’ve built, but it’s also a significant milestone in the journey to bring Web3 technology to the masses. Which is a mission shared by both the Flow and the Zeedz team - to make Web3 accessible and engaging for a broader audience, while simultaneously being climate friendly and reducing humanity's environmental impact as a priority. Given Flow’s status as the most climate friendly blockchain, it’s the perfect home for Zeedz.

With this type of groundbreaking news from the Zeedz team, the entire Flow Ecosystem eagerly anticipates their next move! You can keep up-to-date with what they’re doing here.

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