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January 26, 2021
VIV3 - NFT Marketplace to Empower Artists and Creators
VIV3 - NFT Marketplace to Empower Artists and Creators

Today we are delighted to announce VIV3, the first general marketplace on Flow. VIV3 was founded on the belief that we are at the beginning of a shift from physical to digital ownership. Our vision is to empower a billion people to create, trade and own the world's most valuable creations.

To help us achieve this vision, we are building on Flow, a highly scalable, composable smart contract platform that delivers the performance required for mainstream level applications without compromising decentralization.

Artists, game studios and brands use VIV3 to mint unique tokens each representing their digital creations on the Flow blockchain as NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens). These NFTs are purchased by fans, collectors, gamers, and digital asset traders.

VIV3 has been in beta for the past month. During that period, 115 artworks were minted and listed for sale, 29 of them have been already purchased during last month alone. Some of the VIV3 early adopters are well-established artists such as Anne Spalter who's known for large-scale public works in New York City and Hong Kong (sold out).

Vacation Sunset (Anne Spalter)


On VIV3 all the works made by each creator are minted from their own blockchain smart contract. In doing so, any application in the Flow ecosystem can easily integrate directly with contracts from individual artists, instead of the entire marketplace pool. This allows for a myriad of new use-cases that can be built on top of each asset or collection, unlocking unprecedented experiments and enrichment.

Free to mint

Smart contract deployment, blockchain minting and transaction fees are all covered by VIV3, so creators can focus on what they do best, create. Creators earn 87.5% from direct sales of their works. Additionally, they can earn up to 10% from the resale of these same assets when they get traded peer-to-peer on VIV3 marketplace.

Special Drops

Today we're announcing our partnership with Ben Mauro, one of the best concept design artists on the planet. Ben worked on some of our favorite movies like The Hobbit Trilogy, Valerian and the city of a thousand planets, Mortal Engines, The Spiderman 2, Elysium, Chappie and the Call of Duty and Halo games. We are honored to announce that Ben Mauro's EVOLUTION collectible card game is coming to Flow. The collectibles will be minted and traded on VIV3 and can be purchased in packs! Signup so you don't miss out on the drop.


We're proud to announce newly minted works of art from Remo Camero, Gisel Florez, Jonas Kasper Jensen and Daïm.

Remo Camero is a contemporary multimedia artist with work that crosses genres from Fine art, Street art, Digital art, Photography, Video and Sound. His work has exhibited at places such as Carousel Du Louvre, Sydney Biennale, Tate, Upfest, and more.

Gisel Florez is an artist of manual camera & video techniques incorporating together with conceptual practice. From blockchain to virtual reality, she merges artistic curiosity of scientific development with the interactions of light & organic process.

Jonas Kasper Jensen is a visual artist based in Copenhagen. He studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. In conjunction with his own practice, Jonas Kasper Jensen is part of the artist group Lehman Brothers.

Daïm is a Hungarian-Canadian Muslim algorist & apeirographer. He is an NFT Awards 2020 Finalist; a researcher and reifier of timeless mathematical wonders; an explorer of limitless GAN vistas; the author of the Apeirographer's Manifesto; a curator of exotic fractal Pickover Biomorphs; and the discoverer of an infinitude of pareidolic Anthropobrots in the Apeiropolis Multiset.

Game items

Today we're revealing our partnership with B-SIDE Games. Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is a new and exhilarating cross-platform multiplayer online game where you catch, battle, trade and compete with digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open world experience.

We're proud to work with B-SIDE Games to enable Chainmonsters backers to trade their digital assets on VIV3. Chainmons and Game Alpha Access will soon be available for trading on VIV3.

The Crystal variation Chainmon was only available during this Kickstarter campaign and differentiates itself through an exclusive unique visual effect. There will be only 600 Crystal Chainmons in total in the entire game, making them highly sought-after rare collectible NFTs.

Not all of them were sold in the Kickstarter so we are dropping a few remaining ones on VIV3 marketplace in the coming days!

About VIV3

The VIV3 team is based in Paris, France and Palo Alto California US, bringing together a unique mix of culture and technology. Previously the team behind VIV3 built and scaled a consumer product from zero to over three million users.





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