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July 22, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Enter The Rogue Bunnies Mansion
Partner Spotlight: Enter The Rogue Bunnies Mansion

This is a guest post from the Rogue Bunnies team.

Hello Flowverse,

We are The Rogue Bunnies and are so excited to announce that our trading card collection on Flow will be launching on July 29th, 2022! We've been dying to share some details about our project and can finally do just that!

Who are The Rogue Bunnies?

The Rogue Bunnies is a bad-ass, women-led Web3 project from 100 Playmates that have gone "rogue." Once a Playmate, always a Playmate, but officially the Rogue Bunnies have no affiliation with Playboy. These days the landscape for the Playmates has changed dramatically and we decided to take control of our valuable IP and create something new for our legions of existing fans. 

Our founder, Victoria Fuller, Miss January 1996, has reunited the Playmates to bring the Rogue Bunnies to the metaverse. The Rogue Bunnies identity emerged as the perfect union between the "rogue" nature of the Playmates and their playful and iconic bunny history. Hugh Hefner's focus on community building resonated with Victoria and this is evident in her vision to build meaningful connections among the Rogue Bunnies and community members in the metaverse. We are excited for our exclusive sorority to join a new community of NFT and Web3 enthusiasts alike with the launch of the Rogue Bunnies Trading Cards collection in partnership with Dapper Labs on Flow.

This first series in the collection will consist of trading cards of 25 of the most beautiful women on the blockchain and will be available for purchase in packs.  Each pack will contain a random selection of trading cards with different rarities including - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

The Rogue Bunnies Trading Cards will also utilize Dapper Wallet, allowing you to make purchases using your Dapper Balance or credit card.

Why Flow?

The Rogue Bunnies are entering Web3 to recreate the Playmate experience from the glory days of the real-life Mansion in the metaverse. Many of our existing fans are not currently part of the Web3 or NFT community and we wanted to create a safe, fun way for existing fans of the Playmates to access this new Web3 experience.

The Flow ecosystem allows us to do just that. With easy user onboarding, payments via credit cards, and an eco-friendly blockchain, the Rogue Bunnies can introduce their existing mainstream fanbase to the world of NFTs and Web3.

Our Roadmap

The Rogue Mansion is going to be THE destination where you will be able to hang out and party with the Rogue Bunnies and all their friends. The only way to get access to the mansion will be to own a Rogue Bunnies NFT.  

The Rogue Bunnies generative collection are modeled from the likenesses of 13 real-life Playmates each NFT digitally hand-painted. Fans and collectors alike will want to seize this opportunity. 

Launching later this year across multiple platforms and ecosystems, the only way to get access to the Mansion will be to hold an NFT from one of the Rogue Bunnies collections - Gold Genesis (ETH), Trading Cards (Flow) or Generative (ETH).

Membership is exclusive. Consider yourself invited.

Join The Community

The Rogue Bunnies have a vibrant community on social media and Discord and hold regular AMAs, community poker tournaments and game nights that allow you to engage directly with the Rogue Bunnies! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Tik-Tok and join the Discord to connect with our community and stay up-to-date on the latest updates on our roadmap including the future release date for the Rogue Mansion!