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March 18, 2022
Partner Spotlight: The Football Club builds revolutionary football manager platform to Flow
Partner Spotlight: The Football Club builds revolutionary football manager platform to Flow

This is a guest post from The Football Club.

Hi Flow community, we're The Football Club, and we've been working for more than 2 years in stealth mode to launch a high quality and sustainable blockchain-based product on Flow with officially licensed collectibles to give every football fan an easy access to experience the revolutionary Web3 world. Now the time has come to let you Play2Live!

Respect the legacy; invent the future.

The Football Club is the first football metaverse worldwide based on avatars & licensed digital collectibles and competitions. It connects real-life football fandom and fantasy gaming with the power of Web3. Our goal as football fanatics is to respect the legacy and the culture of football while using cutting edge technology to create the most authentic and advanced virtual football experience. TFC is an extremely easy to use blockchain-based fantasy platform (no crypto-science needed), it’s completely for free, and even better, it’s free to play to earn.

The TFC App

Your avatar is your virtual self in the football metaverse and your stage to represent your identity, club, lifestyle and progress. It becomes unique by owning NFT lifestyle items. We strongly believe in the revolutionary blockchain based NFT technology that will significantly change how we consume and use virtual goods in future. That’s why we will squeeze the best out of it by creating meaningful, beneficial and value-adding utilities.

TFC Avatars

Members of The Football Club Metaverse manage their football teams every game week. They can join plenty of challenges to win coins, earn XP and pave their way to the top and beyond. Draft your team out of over 1000 originally licensed players for the next matchday and compete with other fans worldwide. Choose wisely.

The results of the challenges are based on the players who gain experience points on their real life performance. Official club jerseys grant access to challenges and all participants enter the virtual stadium during the live games to follow player actions in real-time. Check your team’s performance and interact with other users while watching your favourite sports teams live!

TFC Stadium with Avatars

Why Flow?

The Football Club is on Flow for various reasons. Right now, it is the most user-friendly platform because of its rapid transaction speed, near-zero CO2 emissions, and nearly free transactions. Our main objective is to deliver the best User Experience possible and create a blockchain product for the masses. The implementation part was crucial to build our product fast and in high quality.

The TFC Game Economy

Playing online games has always been fun. New technologies, especially in the sphere of blockchain and decentralization, are breaking the barriers between the game creators and the gamers. Decentralized marketplaces allow users to create their own business model based on time, skill and (sometimes) luck.

We think that the digital revolution comes with a change in social and economic patterns of interaction. Hence, we want to contribute to the revolution of a decentralized future of gaming and social media economy.

With the long-term vision of a Play2Earn metaverse, the fantasy football game economy structure is one of the most important aspects. We are not building a Pay2Win game: we want to build an easily accessible, entertaining and sustainable environment where football fans can spend time, play, and earn valuable assets. To create such an economy, utility features of NFTs are implemented.

Keep on reading to get to know our game concept.

Eintracht Frankfurt Duffle Bag

Introducing: Officially Licensed Jerseys

On The Football Club Marketplace, there will be team-specific jersey drops throughout the whole season. Every user will be able to buy a maximum number of TFC Duffle Bags per drop. Inside every Bag there will be multiple Jerseys with randomly distributed rarity types (Uncommon / Rare / Super Rare / Epic / Unique). The total number of jerseys and their rarities are specified beforehand so every buyer will have the same chance to grab the rarest items and probabilities are transparent.

Read all about our first Jersey Drop with Eintracht Frankfurt here!

And don't miss the drop March 24 at 12:30pm PT / 8:30pm CET

TFC Play2Earn

It is very important for us to be a mainstream accessible platform. Every user will be able to play The Football Club for free. Each manager will have the chance to win utility-featured collectibles and work their way up to compete in Play2Live challenges.

If you don’t own any or not enough jerseys, you can always participate in our free challenges where the top managers of each Challenge win Jersey Packs, Wearables and also FUSD prizes.

TFC is defining a new gaming concept: Play2Live

To earn winnings in our challenges, you need to participate using jerseys. Web3 is all about sharing and that’s why we will distribute a significant share of the revenue from all jersey drops to the community throughout our tournaments. The number of jerseys owned by a manager determines his ability to participate in selected challenges. The rarer your jersey, the fewer your opponents. If you own a unique jersey of any player, you are eligible to join unique challenges with a high prize pool while competing only with other unique jersey holders.

However, we don’t stop there. We are working behind the scenes to give all collectibles even more utility in the sports world. You can expect TFC collectibles to be used as point boosters, digital tickets to football stadiums (even to a special VIP lounge), to unlock virtual content and much more.

We do not want to spoil too much, but rest assured that utility is always key for TFC — and we are just starting!

As of now, TFC has secured a partnership with the DFL and offers contests for all Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga matches (single matches & full match weeks). Many other leagues will join very soon. Stay tuned!

TFC Long Term Vision

We are creating the best and fairest Play2Live fantasy sports game based on blockchain technology. The native beta mobile app is live and available in the Apple App store and Google Play Store, and we have a TFC Marketplace Beta where you can buy and sell items. The Football Club is the first fully operable mobile app game connecting football, blockchain and lifestyle in the metaverse!

In the near future, it will be possible to enter the metaverse via your avatar and to engage with other fans in virtual rooms. We are working closely with various football clubs to bring the most real and authentic fan experience to all supporters. Projects that we are working on are, for example, a virtual stadium that lets you experience real football in the metaverse.

There is much more in the making, check our roadmap.

Join our Discord and stay tuned on Twitter or Instagram for the latest news on the drop.

TFC — The Football Club