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May 13, 2022
Partner Spotlight: SNKRHUD brings sneaker culture to Web3
Partner Spotlight: SNKRHUD brings sneaker culture to Web3

This is a guest post from the SNKRHUD team.

Hey Flowverse! 

We are SNKRHUD, an NFT-based playground for sneakerheads based in Earth-326, a post-apocalyptic world where sneakers rule. Here, your kicks are your currency. They establish your status in the community, earning Tags and increasing your Level

Create personal digital collectibles, called DED Stock (Digitally Enabled Dopeness), based on photos you take of your shoes. Your trusted Side Kick uses available DED Stock (whether created or purchased) to unlock Bot-to-Bot Battles, winning SNKRCred and upgrades for your Battle Bots in the quest of building your ultimate sneaker legacy.  

All you need to start is a pair of kicks and your power to Create, Collect & Combat.

Ownership is a primary tenet of Web3. We believe that our platform provides a new way to monetize and interact with your sneaker collection. Instead of having to repeatedly sell your prized kicks in order to stay ahead of the game, celebrate your moments with your sneakers by creating your own NFT through our DED Stock format. 

And for those who are new to the game, unsure of dropping thousands of dollars on hype kicks, you now have a new way to learn about and participate in the sneaker community. We’re also working to have these assets unlock access to special drops and IRL community events.

Our Side Kick avatar assets + creating your own DED Stock or purchasing an available asset from our SNKR Mart Marketplace enable a next level Play-to-Earn game. 

Your DED Stock assets power your Battle Bots, allowing you to compete head-to-head with other sneakerheads. Earn our in-game token, SNKRCred, which will be able to be used on additional Side Kicks and DED Stock or cashed out for fiat.

 In the future, our goal is to have SNKRCred become the currency of culture, able to be used at your favorite boutique retail stores or on established sneaker and streetwear brands.

Genesis Drop

Our first Faction of Side Kicks of 4280 Meerkats (the original product number of the Chicago Jordan 1’s) will start dropping for Pre-Sale on May 17th with the Public Sale on the 19th. These animal companions are decked out in sneaker pieces for armor, inspired by your favorite pairs. 

Each Side Kick has eight unique rarity attributes, including: Background, Fur Types, Facial Expressions, Masks, Neck Scarfs, Body Armor, Battle Wraps, and Tail Tools. Each of these categories can be: Common, Epic, Legendary, Rare, and Super Rare. Overall there are over 100 million possible combinations for your unique Side Kick.

You can learn more about gaining early access to our Allowlists by joining our Discord or following along on Twitter

Why Flow?

As we started sharing our plans to build a Web3 platform with our community, it became clear that like many, there were plenty of questions. The project most were familiar with and had even participated in was Top Shot! Dapper Labs truly set the bar for connecting a mainstream audience to NFT’s. 

It was a no-brainer to partner with the team and begin building on Flow. Even before we committed to building on Flow, we championed their concept of building “Blockchain for the Mainstream.” 

Flow offers the ability to buy NFT’s with your credit card without any prior crypto knowledge and avoids the high gas fees of other chains. It’s the perfect onramp for our community.

Our team is made up of veteran entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and dreamers. Our CEO previously founded INDMUSIC, a music rights administration organization acquired by Live Nation, most known for working behind the scenes of the “Harlem Shake” viral meme. Our CXO won the WPP Atticus Award in Brand Experience with a thought piece on the crossovers of Gaming Mechanics and Marketing. 

The development team has built countless games and applications over the years, but most notable was Paydro, the largest live-gaming app in Southeast Asia.

After an initial build as part of the Snap Inc. accelerator, Yellow, the team began working on an NFT-based community for sneakerheads in 2021. We released our beta app this past summer to build conviction around the idea of a personal-asset class creator, breaking down the barriers of entry for anyone to create an NFT based on their kicks.