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April 13, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Publish eBooks as NFTs with Published NFT
Partner Spotlight: Publish eBooks as NFTs with Published NFT

This is a guest post from the Published NFT team.

Hello, Flowverse!

We are Published NFT, a team of innovators focused on delivering new technology into the vast world of eBooks by introducing new experiences and an NFT marketplace into the world of authors.

We started in 2017 investing in ERC-721 tokens with CryptoKitties and Decentraland’s first land sale, and from there, we ended up building and selling casinos in Vegas City District. We have a passionate community of crypto enthusiasts, and once learning about Flow, FCL, Cadence, and layer 1 protocol, we felt like we had everything we needed to accomplish our goals. It was time to get to work immediately.

We are excited to bring our interactive NFT eBook experience to Flow with the launch of Published NFT on April 13.

Gaia will also be one of the first ecosystems to utilize Dapper Wallet, allowing you to make purchases using your Dapper Balance or credit card; and also add to your Dapper Balance using ETH, BTC, BCH, DAI & USDC.


IPFS - Storage Protocol 

Blocto - Wallet Protocol

Alchemy - 3rd Party Metadata Protocol

Flowns - Domain Name Protocol

.Find - Domain Name Protocol

Graffle - Real Time Metadata Protocol - marketplace/sales & listing activity


FLOWTY - Rental Protocol  

What is Published NFT?

Published NFT's vision is to re-imagine what publishing can be in a Web3 world. We plan on publishing eBooks, artistic bookmarks, magazines, comics, music, news articles, and more. Published NFT will also release an interactive Android and iOS dApp where users can buy eBooks as NFTs. Users will have the ability to resell, trade, or buy eBooks in our marketplace. This is unlike any other eBook platform, such as iBook and Kindle.

Once you're done with a book, you'll be able to do more with it than let it collect digital dust.

Traditionally books get bought and read once before ending up in their final resting place, the shelf. We want eBooks to live and be shared forever! Published NFT will give authors and artists the opportunity to get their books and artwork in front of the masses around the world and gain value over time, the same way a physical asset does. 

All content purchased during an eBook release will be tradable on the Published NFT marketplace and third party marketplaces. These NFTs will be minted on Flow. Members can expect drops, eBook releases, sales, auctions, plus drawings for authors, artists and collectors from around the world.


NFT bookmarks will be designed by all kinds of amazing artists around the world like yourself. They will be released in percentage auction or as direct sales. Dapp users will be able to interact and keep placement in their NFT eBooks right where they left off. Users can showcase these NFTs in their custom showrooms in the metaverse museum we're building, and collect them for special rewards. While using the dApp, users will be able to see the bookmarks inside of their books while viewing them in 3D. All bookmarks and some specific books will be redeemable as physical assets in the future. This content will be sent by mail.

Types of rarity

⦁ Common

⦁ Uncommon

⦁ Rare

⦁ Ultra rare

⦁ Unique 1of 1

The Library Pass

Holders of the 10,000 limited edition Library Pass, gain access to:

  • Early access to book releases
  • Exclusive members-only airdrops
  • Members-only book drops & VIP metaverse museum access
  • 24 hour NFT submission review
  • More library passes will be created in the future for specific categories

Library Passes will have an optional API access setting. If a school, institution, agency, or university purchases a Genesis Library pass, they can host their eBooks on our platform, and Published NFT can offer paid services to the Genesis Library Pass owners, with a specific number of API access feeds requested.

Then, 30,000 student users can have access (Subscription NFT in wallet) for the entire school's account on the Published NFT platform. Yes, holding a subscription NFT in a students wallet will grant them access to the books they need for classes throughout a semester.

NFT Subscriptions are designed for repetitive releases or to grant access over a certain duration of time. Subscriptions will be available for one to three years. A duration subscription can vary due to what a user may be looking for.

The profile owner offering subscriptions shall determine the number of issues and the price to be charged to the user. As long as the user has this NFT in their wallet, they will receive the issues subscribed for every release, or access to what is offered. Holders will also receive goodies and airdrops for a lifetime.

The Metaverse Museum

The Metaverse Museum is a virtual museum fully controlled by Published NFT. Inside the museum, we will be displaying some of the rarest NFTs throughout all metaverses, run virtual auctions, and curate galleries and showrooms. We plan to showcase amazing visual stories from a variety of books and amazing authors.

Users will be able to interact with NFTs inside stories within the metaverse! This is a true unique book experience. Imagine a magazine teaching you about engines, but you can actually see how it works, interact with it, and open it up inside VR and/or AR, take it apart and really learn how the engine works.

Each user with a Published NFT account will have access to their own customizable showroom, with a private or public setting. Options for purchasing larger showrooms will become available in the future. When a random user is visiting the inside of our virtual metaverse museum and approaches one of the showroom/gallery doors, they will be able to interact with a virtual control panel display on the wall beside the door to gain access for entry.

On the control panel the visitor will be prompted to scroll through or search for specific users, by account names and/or blockchain addresses. After selecting a name or address, the showroom doors will then open revealing the selected addresses customized showroom/gallery where you can browse their assets.


A KYC-NFT is a NFT that represents your age and identity on the blockchain. To receive a KYC-NFT you will be required to fill out a KYC (Know Your Customer) form and go through a process depending on your country, state and laws. A KYC-NFT will only be required for adult content access to the Published NFT platform.

After filling out form and the approval is complete, users will receive their KYC-NFT, minted to the users wallet on their profile assigned the Published NFT platform, to represent users age and identity.

This NFT will be static and unable to be moved or transferred from the user's wallet until the ID reaches its expiration date and all access has expired. This NFT is not made for trade, this NFT is for the Published NFT platform to recognize users for adult content access.

‍What We Love About Flow

We built on Flow because of its NFT capabilities and strong community of collectors, and NFT enthusiasts, making it more of a place to build companies for longevity while pioneering the new world of publishing.

The Flow ecosystem allows for easy user onboarding with Blocto and providing new ways of payments via credit card and FUSD, which allows us to serve a mainstream audience that is still being introduced to the world of NFTs.

Building on Flow and using upgradable smart contracts also gives us the flexibility to incorporate future eBook elements.

How To Participate 

1) Air Drops!  There are 500 Library Passes randomly airdroped throughout -- and if you don’t get a Library Pass, you’ll still get great NFTs from other partners on Flow.

2) Visit on April 13 and purchase a Library Pass directly from our marketplace! Each Library Pass will be priced at 25 FUSD, and purchasing will be done via Blocto wallet. If you don’t have a Blocto wallet, you can set one up at 

Join The Community

You can also follow along on Twitter and Discord to connect with other readers & writers, share your own ideas for Published NFT, and become a part of changing eBook publishing forever!  More details to come at -- we're looking forward to having you join our community!

About Published NFT

Published NFT is a team of creators and innovators focused on delivering NFT eBooks to the world and changing the experience of eBooks with new emerging blockchain technology.