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February 1, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Own and Influence Comedy on Flow with Jambb
Partner Spotlight: Own and Influence Comedy on Flow with Jambb

This is a guest post from the Jambb team

Hello Flowverse! It’s Jambb (pronounced “jam”) here, the premier place to own comedy history and influence its future. We’re excited to tell you what we’ve been working on and what’s coming next so you know exactly where to go to get your LOLs. 

As you may recall, Jambb is on a mission to transform both entertainment and NFTs. We focus on:

  1. Comedy and improving the lives of comedians 
  2. Creating markets for the world’s best entertainment content
  3. Connecting fans to comedians, providing access, influence and other unique perks they can’t find anywhere else
  4. Innovating and using our web3 roots to provide real utility for collectibles

Comedy is our passion and many comedians have been struggling. The global pandemic emphasized the need for our product as many comedians lost the ability to tour, a primary source of income. We became fixated on solutions that create value for comedians + Jambb’s community at the same time.

In order to do this, we are bringing novel comedy content to the blockchain and allowing comedians new opportunities to:

  1. Grow their global fan base and interact with people who love them 
  2. Drive up watch time of their best content by selling NFTs of the top moments in comedy history as well as never-before-seen gems 
  3. Value previously unvalued items (like the outtakes from a comedy special)
  4. Provide perks (merch, meet-and-greets, tickets, etc.) to their fans who purchase NFTs
  5. Give back to comedy—our comedians help the best up-and-comers get discovered on Jambb
  6. Produce new content through Jambb Studios
  7. Obtain health insurance (among other benefits) and a much-needed steady income from Jambbreating markets for the world’s best entertainment content

Our content goes beyond consumption – 

It’s ownership of the cultural content you care about, participation with the icons who created it, and the ability to share it with like-minded fans. 

The Jambb Team

The Jambb team has a diverse background of business, blockchain, and entertainment experience, making each member a qualified and knowledgeable force in their industry. Much of the Jambb leadership team worked together at AssetBlock, a blockchain-based real estate investment platform built on Algorand’s blockchain. As a part of these efforts, we helped define what would become the Algorand Standard Asset (ASA), which is the NFT equivalent on Algorand’s network. Our unique blend of engineers, blockchain experts, production execs, comedians (yes, we will soon have comedians on our payroll!), and creatives make us a well-rounded team committed to our bottom line: Decentralize Comedy.

Comedy has been one of the few things during the pandemic we can all turn to for relief. Now, our team has the ability to help these very same comedians, many of whom lost nearly all of their income, grow and innovate.

Where You’ve Seen Us

Nearly 7,000 of you joined the Jambb community after Flow Fest! You saw the premiere of our second comedy production, Hannibal’s Comedy Jambb, got a Non-Fungible Jokin’ Mystery Pack voucher, and some of you were lucky enough to score a Blocto-Jambb exclusive. Our community is already one of the most active and engaged in the Flow blockchain, and we have months of activities and announcements planned to make it even more exciting, including:

  1. Live chats with comedians in our Discord
  2. Viewing parties
  3. Behind-the-scenes content
  4. Tons of giveaways and fandom-based airdrops
  5. Opportunities to vote on content in future drops

Our Flow Fest drop in early November was the first iteration of what we envision the foundation of the Jambb experience to be and included moments from the first-ever comedy production on the blockchain, Non-Fungible Jokin’. On the stage were renowned comedians Pete Holmes, Maria Bamford, Beth Stelling, Zainab Johnson, Adam Ray, Moses Storm, Chaunte Wayans, Ian Edwards + more. You can own jokes from your favorite comedians and from some of the brightest up-and-coming comedians you will undoubtedly see in arenas in the coming years.

These moments are available for purchase as collectibles on Each collection may also include an “exclusive moment,” which is a 1:1 joke, set, or show that includes an extended license allowing the owner to have commercial rights to the content. Translation: the content is actually yours and you're free to innovate with it. 

What’s Next?

Jambb is committed to being a community-driven platform, therefore, we are constantly listening to and connecting with our users to understand what they want their NFT experience to be. This two-way relationship is essential to know what our users want out of:

  1. Upcoming drops and comedian partnerships
  2. Our primary marketplace 
  3. Future perks for collectors
  4. Our community’s growth and direction 

Furthermore, we are beyond thrilled to partner with Your Mom’s House, one of the world’s most popular podcasts hosted by Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky. “Tom and Christina are favorites of the Jambb team, but even more importantly, Your Mom’s House was at the top of our community’s wishlist for future content drops. We’re proud to collaborate with Tom and Christina, particularly as we see key venues for comedians being shut down yet again due to COVID,” says Jambb CEO and Co-Founder Alex DiNunzio.

Launched by YMH Studios in 2010, Your Mom’s House features commentary from co-hosts Segura and Pazsitzky on a wide range of topics, including current events, their daily lives, and the latest viral clips. The podcast also features insightful interviews with comedians, musicians, and actors including Judd Apatow, Hasan Minhaj, Fortune Feimster, Joe Rogan, and Jim Gaffigan. Over the past decade, Your Mom’s House has amassed a cult following of more than 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and receives millions of worldwide downloads per month. 

“Christina and I are constantly seeking out unique ways to connect with our listeners, making Jambb a perfect collaborator,” said Segura. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to offer Your Mom’s House fans the content they love in a new format.” 

The Your Mom’s House NFT collection can be found only at on February 2nd, 2022.

Why Flow?

Simply put, our vision to enable all people to own the cultural moments they love is aligned with Flow’s vision of democratizing NFT ownership and collecting. 

Satisfying this vision is going to be an incredibly complex journey. We needed a partner that understands that IP (intellectual property) acquisition is only one part of the process and that having strong user experiences on top of complex technologies will define the companies that are around years from now.

Bring LOLs to NFTs: Become a Jambb Collector

The Jambb community is constantly growing and evolving and we want you to be a part of it! Create your Jambb account and start your collection by heading to and signing up! There, you can fill your collection with Hannibal’s Comedy Jambb packs, Non-Fungible Jokin’ packs, and, as of February 2nd, 2022, Your Mom’s House NFTs! 

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