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June 3, 2021
Partner Spotlight: nWay - Olympics NFTs
Partner Spotlight: nWay - Olympics NFTs

Hello everyone!  We are nWay, a developer, publisher, and tech platform for competitive multiplayer games across mobile, PC, and consoles.  We are happy to share with you that nWayPlay is about to go live on Flow blockchain. 

nWay is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and we bring a strong track record of developing AAA quality games, such as WWE Undefeated, Battlepalooza, and POWER RANGERS: Battle for the Grid. The launch of nWayPlay represents a significant step toward our vision of extending our existing and future titles with a play-to-earn model where players can earn NFTs through achievements in our games, powered by Flow.

The nWayPlay marketplace will open on June 17, along with the launch of our officially licensed NFT Olympic Pin Collection; digital versions of collectible and tradable pins that have been an Olympic Games tradition for over 100 years. This marks the beginning of a unique Olympic-themed digital entertainment experience consisting of NFT Olympic pins and crossplay multiplayer videogames developed by nWay as part of a new official licensing agreement with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Collectors will be able to earn NFTs in future game launches as well as trade them in our marketplace.

Historic Collectibles

The NFT Olympic Pins will launch with an inaugural set that forms part of the Olympic Heritage Collection, celebrating the 125 years legacy of the world’s largest sporting event. The collection showcases the historical art and design -- including posters, emblems, pictograms, and mascots -- from the past 125 years of Olympic Games. Being NFTs, the digital Olympic Pins will have various properties generally associated with physical pins, such as authenticity, scarcity, and provenance, making them true collectors’ items.

The NFT Olympic Pins can be purchased and sold on the nWayPlay marketplace. There will also be a specific set of pins reserved to be earned by playing an Olympic-themed competitive multiplayer videogame that will be launched in the lead-up to the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. 

Premium 3D NFTs

As game developers, we incorporated high-quality 3D models with animation and sophisticated visual effects to create truly premium NFTs. Each Olympic Pin has a rarity ranging from common to legendary. We have gradually added more animation and visual effects (VFX) to the pins as the rarity tier goes up. The legendary pins are a truly unique blend of historical art and state of the art animation and VFX techniques that bring the pins to life. 

Olympic Pins will be released in assorted boxes. Each will consist of a set of pins with a specific rarity distribution. For instance, if you purchase an Epic Box, it would include seven pins inside, and the distribution may be five Commons, one Rare, and one Epic. Outside of purchasing assorted boxes, the nWayPlay marketplace will also allow you to buy and sell specific pins using your credit card or stablecoins for transactions. 

Built for Mainstream Use

IOC and nWay chose Flow for its unique combination of scalability, usability, and environmentally sustainable features. Unlike Ethereum-based NFTs that deter lower priced NFTs due to its high gas fees, collectors will be able to find and purchase NFT Olympic Pins at various price points.  Using Flow’s Proof of Stake blockchain, the energy consumption associated with the NFTs is dramatically lower than Proof of Work-driven alternatives, which was important to the IOC and our customers.

I’m Sold. How Do I Participate?

nWayPlay will be live with our first drop on June 17. Peer-to-peer trading on the marketplace will be available shortly after. We will unveil more details of the content and timing of the first drop soon. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about nWayPlay and our premium NFT Olympic Pin collection. We look forward to launching this incredible set, and continuing to create exceptionally tailored experiences for collectors.

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Official announcement from International Olympic Committee link here and coverage from USA Today.