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March 1, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Curate and take your metaverse with you with some·place
Partner Spotlight: Curate and take your metaverse with you with some·place

This is a guest post from the some·place team.

Hi, we’re team some·place. We make digital culture accessible, right from the palm of your hand. 

Founded by two women entrepreneurs, we’re a mobile app that gives you the tools to interact with like-minded others, build community and express your identity in a real-time, 3D digital space, and in real life, with AR. Sounds amazing? We think so too and we’re excited to see where the metaverse takes us all. 

And when we say us all, we truly mean that. When we started building some·place, we quickly recognized that the metaverse isn’t accessible to most of the world in its current form. Not everyone has a desktop computer or headset that can take them into VR. 

As founders with backgrounds in 3D consumer tech, retail, branding and design, we knew that to give everyone a chance to succeed in Web3, we had to break down some barriers that keep people from entering the space. That’s why some·place is a mobile app, built on the unmatched Unreal Engine, with a curated marketplace, easy to navigate controls and a painless set up experience. You won’t need a double engineering degree to enjoy our metaverse. 

What to expect?

We’ll be launching in March with our genesis NFT, The Potion. It’s a spectacular 3D Potion Bottle that lets you into our beta, will give you exclusive privileges in-app and pre-sale rights on all future collaborations. Select Potions will be collaborations with acclaimed artists Shantell Martin and Amber Vittoria.  

The Potion is also AR capable, so you’ll be able to use the app to take photos of it IRL. Imagine that; you can put your NFT on your back patio or take it with you on a hike and share it with friends and family. Much better than just swapping JPEGs in your Discord DMs. 

After mint, you’ll be able to display your NFTs in their own Personal Space. Think of this as your home, where you can curate your collection and go back to at any time. Metamask and Blotco wallet integrations will come first, but we have plans to be blockchain agnostic in the future so you can share all your NFTs. We’ll be expanding customization options for Personal Spaces so you can make it all your own. 

We’ll be launching publicly in the app store on iOS shortly after we mint and launch beta. The app won’t cost anything to download so anyone with an iOS supported device will be able to download it and set up a Personal Space. 

Next will come an expanded marketplace, where you’ll be able to purchase 3D NFTs in collaboration with artists and brands, unlike anything you’ve seen in this space before. Public Spaces, where you’ll be able to meet and chat with like-minded others, will also be continuously rolled out. 

In this multiplayer metaverse, you’ll be able to represent yourself using a Ready Player Me avatar. Eventually, we’ll be integrating different 3D NFTs into the world to be used as avatars. We see a world where you’ll be able to use your Meebit or Crypto Chick as your avatar, to truly capture that community spirit. 

And speaking of community, we’re developing different community spaces so that NFT projects, artists and others can have their own bespoke meeting places in the metaverse. These will be customized so they fit each community and its members. After all, it’s the metaverse, we can all work together to make the spectacular, social and healthy world of our dreams. 

You can join OUR community, by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Mint information

Raffle entry to join the Private Sale starts on Mon, Feb. 28 at Noon and runs through March 2 at 12pm PST. Raffle winners will be notified via Discord. Anyone who enters the raffle can win a minting spot.

Private Mint starts on March 7 at Noon PST. 

Public Mint starts on March 8 at 4pm PST.

Potions are 33 FLOW a piece.

Raffle and mint information can be accessed in the some·place Discord server

Why Flow?

Since we do everything with user experience and design in mind, Flow appealed to us for a variety of reasons. When thinking about building a more equitable digital platform, we need to take these things into account:

+ No gas fees - gas is a privilege that many can’t afford. 

+ Flow’s easy user onboarding removes the roadblocks that keep many from joining Web3.

+ The ability to take payments via credit card leads to more trust in transactions.

+ The language and design of Flow speaks to mainstream audiences that are new to NFTs.

So get ready to curate your perfect place, join our community, and enjoy building a metaverse the way you want.