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March 2, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Blocklete Games is leading the GameFi charge
Partner Spotlight: Blocklete Games is leading the GameFi charge

This is a guest post from the Blocklete Games team.

Hello frens! The Blocklete Games team is united in their passion to pave the way to bring mass adoption to Utility NFTs! The Blocklete Golf Game app and NFTs are available to play in iOS and Google Play app store now.

👋 from the team: 

  • Turner Sports, the diamond hands strategy team 
  • Gig Labs, the to the moon Blockchain Development team 
  • Sumo Digital, the raddest Game Development company

Blocklete Games is an interactive gaming franchise built on the blockchain that is one of the first interactive sports games available on mobile. The first title within the Blocklete Games portfolio is Blocklete Golf, a one-of-a-kind golf management game app that uses investment-style techniques paired with a fun golf mobile app to bring utility to an avatar golfer, who in actuality is an NFT.

Blocklete Games was built to deliver the value proposition that NFT projects should provide, which is a sustained value for the initial NFT purchase over the period the person holds the NFT. To do this, the NFT project should be a platform that brings long-standing utility to the desirability, market demand and earning potential of every NFT it sells. Blocklete Games levels up (pun intended) that proposition by also allowing the player to put time and effort into improving the avatar’s, or Blocklete’s, skill levels and, therefore, value. This is revolutionary in the industry because the path to improved NFT value is controlled by the player and not solely by market demand!

Blocklete Golf’s mission is to provide value for the players through sports gaming and entertainment. This mission has been included in every decision to bring the app to market, developing engaging ways to make sure players are economically rewarded for playing the game! Completing the economic loop is the main priority for the team throughout 2022.

Turner Sports, a division of WarnerMedia, has been a leader in the sports media industry for more than 30 years, constantly bringing new types of media and experiences directly to fans. We were the team that ushered many of the U.S.’s  top sports organizations – NBA, NASCAR, PGA, etc – into Web 2.0 by building their digital communication platforms in the 90s. That same type of innovation has been used to approach the rise of blockchain technology. Turner Sports is a fan-first organization and NFTs are a people-first technology. It was an instant match to bring a new gaming experience to fans. Blocklete Golf is the first sport that Turner Sports brought to the blockchain, and it won’t be the last.

We launched the first season of Blocklete Golf last year on the web. Season 1 started off with simple game play mechanics of golfers competing against each other for cash prizes. Season 1 players indicated they wanted more ways to win and earn than just competing against each other. We learned this from listening to our players feedback and building a high velocity experimentation program. We are building this way so that the project will have long term growth and sustainability built in from the start. It’s a longer path to build this way, but it’s the right way to build the product so that the full potential of play-to-earn sports games can be brought directly to fans.

Many different features were tested, and the roadmap extended to include more ways to earn. This roadmap now includes Gear and Pro Shop NFTs which will complete a full ecosystem of play-to-earn mechanics from which the team can continue to optimize!

The team is hyper-focused on bringing the best feature set that GameFi apps have to offer. We believe that if we can do this correctly, we can improve the adoption of NFTs to a much broader audience. Golf is a relatable concept that most people understand. Sports fans at large have a good understanding of why they would spend money on collectible items – they’ve been doing it for decades in the memorabilia market. The sports trading card market alone is projected to reach $98.75 billion by 2027. We think Blocklete Golf can be a gateway into the world of NFTs.

The Blocklete Games core value proposition is to improve the value of NFTs as opposed to being an NFT drop. It is this foundation from which the game can improve upon as new ideas come out of the blockchain industry. This, paired with a growth mindset and experimentation program, allows the team to react to any changes in the industry in almost real time. While this wasn’t the easiest path to take, it’s the path that will build the most stable future for the Blocklete Games brand as the industry continues to evolve.

We will be launching Gear and Pro Shops later this year. Gear will be a necessary component to the play-to-earn ecosystem because it will be the currency in which Pro Shops NFT Owners and Players alike will benefit from economically. Gear items such as drivers, wedges, golf balls, will be available for sale and provide gate entry into high prized challenges and tournaments. This gating will create incentives for competition players to purchase the gear so that they can compete to win tournaments. This will naturally create an ROI calculation that the competition players will need to build before buying the gear. This will influence market prices and sales velocity of gear. The Pro Shop NFT gives owners the right to sell this gear via primary sales (i.e., they don’t have to buy from Blockletes and then relist as a secondary sale).

This year, Blocklete Golfer NFTs will give you access to a brand-new economy:

  • Build a team of novice golfers to mine medals for your competition golfers!
  • Play your competition golfers to win prizes!
  • Earn weekly cash dividends from joining a Pro Shop and winning medals!  
  • Buy a Pro Shop NFT to get rights to sell wholesale gear (primary sales)!  
  • Earn cash rewards for just having fun on the digital golf course!
  • Build sustained value for your NFTs by playing quick rounds of golf

Flow is extremely consumer-friendly, allowing for those uninitiated in blockchain platforms an easy on-ramp. Blocklete Games will also generally have more transactions at a lower price point (golfers start at $7), so the transaction cost needs to be economical. In addition to the technical advancements that better suit play-to-earn games, Flow and the entire ecosystem are building for the long-term sustainability of NFTs. This is an ethos the Blocklete Games team is highly sensitive to and wants to ensure any partnerships have the same mission in mind.

Feel free to swing by the Discord to talk with the team members! We hope you join in on the revolution happening with gaming and NFTs!