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October 28, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Non-Fungible Jokin' with Jambb
Partner Spotlight: Non-Fungible Jokin' with Jambb

This is a guest post from the Jambb team.

Jambb, pronounced “jam,” like the delicious stuff you spread on your toast, was founded in 2020 to help creators take control of their careers and gain some power back from  social media platforms. The global pandemic further emphasized the need for the product as comedians, an early adopter of the platform, lost the ability to tour and thus their main source of income. We became fixated on solutions that could create value for these comedians and Jambb’s community at the same time.

In order to do this, we are bringing comedy to Flow and allowing entertainers new opportunities to:

  • Grow their global fanbase and interact with people that love them 
  • Drive up watch time of their best content by selling NFTs of the top moments and cut scenes. Both of which increase interest in the original work, which serendipitously drives more interest in the NFTs
  • Value previously unvalued items (like the outtakes from a comedy special)

Furthermore, we want our NFTs to matter and to have as much utility as possible. We are not a fly-by-night blockchain project — we see the use of NFTs as critical to allowing people to participate in the culture they love. People used to buy and covet physical items, like vinyl records or DVDs. Today, people get in line to buy a digital version of the same thing. But, once you have it, you still want to tell your friends and let them enjoy the hidden content inside of the album cover or case. NFTs allow us to adapt these experiences and enhance them in ways never before seen.

We believe that NFTs are still in their infancy and assume that the technology built today will be looked at as foundational, but naïve, in a few years. With this in mind, we have a cross-chain plan and NFT upgradability in our product roadmap. We want our NFT buyers to look at the collectibles they purchase on Jambb as dynamic, not static. As new technologies and partnerships emerge, we will adapt our NFTs to allow owners to experience as much of the metaverse as possible.

Although the foundation of Jambb revolves around NFTs and blockchain technology, we know that the key to long-term success is building a product that gracefully handles on-chain complexity and encourages participation from the next billion users. We are bringing in non-native blockchain consumers, many of whom are fans of the comedians from our launches, that use our platform to interact with this technology in a minimized and elegant way. This truly bridges the gap between blockchain and non-blockchain communities, and allows for greater contribution and collaboration on a global scale.

Nearly 7,000 of you joined us for Flow Fest! Many saw Hannibal Buress perform, others got a Non-Fungible Jokin’ Mystery Pack voucher, and some were lucky enough to score a Blocto-Jambb exclusive. Our community is already one of the largest and most active in the entire Flow ecosystem, and we have months of activities and announcements planned to make it even more exciting, including:

  • Live chats with comedians
  • The world premier of Non Fungible Jokin’, the first comedy special ever produced and sold on blockchain
  • An auction for Hannibal’s epic Flow Fest intro video (we have had hundreds of requests for this already)
  • Behind-the-scenes content and viewing parties
  • Best-of packs from some of the top comedians in the world
  • Partnerships to bring content from the most famous comedy clubs to Jambb
  • Tons of engaging events for giveaways and fandom-based airdrops

Our Flow Fest drop in early November will be the first iteration of what we envision the foundation of the Jambb experience to be, and will include moments from Jambb’s very own produced comedy show that took place this past summer in L.A., called Non-Fungible Jokin’. It featured comedians like Pete Holmes, Maria Bamford, Beth Stelling, Zainab Johnson, Adam Ray, Moses Storm, Chaunte Wayans, Ian Edwards, Brooks Wheelan, and more. You can own jokes from your favorite comedians, and from some of the brightest up-and-coming comedians you will undoubtedly see in arenas in the coming years.

These moments will be immediately available for purchase through our “packs'' on launch day, with a chance to own an “exclusive moment,” which is a 1:1 joke and includes an extended license allowing the owner to have commercial rights to the content. Translation: you can make money from it! Another great dynamic of our collectibles will be the chance to own perks associated with each collectible. Maybe you get first dibs on the next event’s tickets? Perhaps you can hang backstage after a show? The perks will be numerous and useful!

Simply put, our vision to enable all people to own the cultural moments they love is aligned with Flow’s vision of democratizing NFT ownership and collecting. 

Satisfying this vision is going to be an incredibly complex journey. We needed a partner that understands that IP (intellectual property) acquisition is only one part of the process, and that having strong user experiences on top of complex technologies will define the companies that are around years from now.