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February 24, 2023
Full steam ahead: Growing the future of Flow together
Dieter Shirley
Full steam ahead: Growing the future of Flow together

I’m more bullish on Flow’s future than ever.

While Web3 has had its highs and lows, 2022 was a strong year of growth for the Flow ecosystem – and 2023 has only continued to heat up from there. Last year, the developer community increased by 12x, with more than 12,000 developers such as Dimenxion X, OnChain Studios, and Joyride Games introducing innovative and groundbreaking new products. Blockbuster brands like Ticketmaster and Mattel also joined us from other blockchains, and we kicked off the new year by welcoming Doodles 2 to the platform. We’ve continued to set new records for daily and weekly transacting users, and with daily transactions peaking well above Ethereum, Flow remains the world’s most transacted blockchain for NFTs. 

Flow experienced compounded growth across the ecosystem, from permissionless smart contract deployments, node operations, performance improvements, and critical network upgrades. Flow is decentralized, and a vast majority of the Flow Ecosystem Reserve remains intact. This means macroeconomic headwinds don’t hinder Flow’s ability to fund the various teams contributing to its growth for the foreseeable future, or alter its trajectory to make 2023 its best performing year to-date. 

Looking ahead, we’ve outlined ecosystem priorities so the community can stay coordinated around working together on common goals. With the objective of bringing 1+ billion people together and making Web3 more accessible, the future of Flow remains centered on infrastructure maturity and scalability to provide the best possible foundation for builders and projects to flourish.

If we’ve learned anything as an industry from 2022, it’s that building for the long term is how products remain sustainable, which will ultimately enable the mass adoption of blockchain technology. That’s why I’m constantly inspired by the innovation being conceived and delivered across the Flow ecosystem. Your work takes the vision we had at Flow’s inception and brings it to life, often in ways we couldn’t even imagine at the time.

Thank you for choosing to call Flow home – I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in 2023 and beyond!

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