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December 17, 2021
Partner Spotlight: GENIACE; a token-powered collectibles marketplace on Flow
Partner Spotlight: GENIACE; a token-powered collectibles marketplace on Flow

This is a guest post from the GENIACE team.

Hey everyone! We are GENIACE, a Singapore based media,  entertainment & tech company. We are on a mission to build the best marketplace on Flow to collect NFTs featuring iconic people, places, or moments in time. We believe that collecting is an innate human behaviour and are so excited about the opportunity that NFTs present for owning iconic collectibles in the digital world. 

This starts with our iconic trading card format, combined with the highest quality digital art and available in different rarity traits. By working with a combination of our in-house art studio and carefully selected external collaborating artists, we aim to deliver NFTs that stand out in a sea of digital art being launched.

Next, we curate iconic collections that fit a genre - be it iconic 90s rapper, Bond Movie actors, Endangered Animals, Landmark Buildings or Places, or even a video highlight from a sporting moment. 

The Secret Sauce: Solving NFT marketplace woes with a token-driven solution

Flow is doing a great job in providing us a world-class solution on which to build a great consumer experience on. But we wanted to take this one step further and solve the problems specific to many NFT marketplaces available today. 

Like the early internet, these early NFT marketplaces have scaling and user experience challenges to solve. Even the most popular NFT marketplaces suffer from poor user experience, high gas fees, and market manipulations. For an NFT collector, these marketplaces can be daunting and disorientating places to collect. 

Our Solution: In addition to taking advantage of the core Flow blockchain benefits, we will also be launching our own $GENI token (a fungible Flow based token), which will allow us to give users of our marketplace and holders of our NFT’s unique benefits like: 

  • Fee waivers, 
  • Whitelisting for drop access, 
  • Token staking rewards, 
  • DAO membership for input into governance decisions.

Apart from being the first token-powered NFT marketplace on Flow, our $GENI token is the first to bridge into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem to allow BNB token holders to seamlessly swap their tokens between these ecosystems (we have partnered with Blocto and will be using their teleport / bridge service, as well as the Blocto Wallet that all of us already love in the Flow ecosystem).

So check out our whitepaper for full details on the token utility and upcoming sale.  

Pipeline of Celebrity and Brand Collaborations 

Creator-Fan engagement is something that our team deeply understands from building our celebrity shoutout video platform - over the past two years. So we aren’t coming from a standing start with the NFT collaborations we aim to drop - we already have access to over 500 iconic faces from the world of comedy, film, music, and sports. 

We also have working relationships with leading industry talent companies and sports federations and we offer these types of partnerships a custom NFT launchpad for their journey into the world of true digital ownership. As we like to say: “NFTs are the atomic unit of the metaverse!” 

The Team

GENIACE is a team of artists, developers, and entertainment industry professionals that understand their respective crafts and want to build NFTs that collectors and fans of almost any genre will want to own and trade. Our CEO Dene Schonknecht brings deep marketplace and entertainment industry experience, while our CTO, Rahul A R has architected several leading NFT platforms and exchanges. We truly love being part of the Flow ecosystem, and are active on Discord - so reach out and connect with us there. 

What’s Next?

You can expect to see some truly innovative NFT’s - including IRL and bonus utility content dropping on GENIACE. We are planning our Genesis Drop in December 2021. So stay tuned for lots of exciting announcements on Twitter ( and join our Discord channel ( ) to not miss out! 

GENIACE is also in the midst of our fundraising and Private Token Sale. If you are an investor with deep roots in blockchain or entertainment ecosystems, please contact us at