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March 25, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Catch the school bus for Flunks starting March 30th
Partner Spotlight: Catch the school bus for Flunks starting March 30th

This is a guest post from the Flunks team

Hey Flowverse,

This is Flunks, a new Vancouver-based Web3 brand building on Flow with the mission to bring the best of our communities together. We’re a unique blend of engineering, marketing and product talent. Individually we’ve gathered years of experience across Esports and Gaming, Sports & Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Finance, and IT. 

We have been avid participants in the crypto and NFT space since 2017 and feel super excited to be building right where we ended up meeting each other - on Flow. CryptoKitties and NBA Topshot have given us amazing shared experiences amongst our team, and we’ve come full circle to deliver our communities the next best thing.

What are Flunks?

Flunks is a high school inspired generative NFT collection with 9,999 avatars. Each Flunk is uniquely generated using over 200 different visual traits. We understand the pain of navigating convoluted and ambiguous trait categories so we’ve kept it clean. There are five traits that visually separate each Flunk from one another.

• Head

• Face

• Torso

• Pigment

• Backdrop

Will your Flunk play ball with the other Jocks? Or bury themselves in the computer lab with the other Geeks? The clique category is derived from the other traits that your Flunk is minted with, a clique weight is applied to each trait. Upon creation, the weights are calculated and your Flunk falls into one of the following cliques: Jocks, Freaks, Preps and Geeks.

Represent your clique & partake in exclusive school clubs run by the Flunk community — spreading our branding to infinity and beyond.

Read our Project Overview or Phase 1 Roadmap here!

‍What We Love About Flow

The Flow ecosystem is critical in allowing for easy user onboarding and payments via credit cards - which is a key component of our plan to help further educate and excite the next generations of community builders. We believe we have great potential to service a mainstream audience as we work together with schools to show the real-world benefits of NFT communities.

Building on Flow is key as it also gives us the flexibility to introduce exciting metagames and innovative principles to our collection of products. The Flunks campus will continue to grow past Flunks, Backpacks and Pins - and these avatars will be the all-access pass into our expanding universe.

Launch Details


If you aren’t already on our allow-list and want a chance to snag one before our Presale on March 28th 10 AM PST, you can visit to register for our final Hall Pass raffle to get access.

Public Sale

Visit on March 30th at 10 AM PST and purchase Flunks directly from our website! Each Flunk will be priced at $250 USD, and purchasing will be done via Dapper Wallet. If you don’t have a Dapper Wallet, you can set one up at 

Our secondary marketplace will open one day before our reveal event on

Collaborators and Partners

We’re very excited to be partnering with Dapper Labs, NFT Genius, and Flow to build the Flunks brand and community into an NFT sensation. We warmly welcome any opportunities to engage with other companies and experts in the space.

We have also dressed our Flunks with unique traits from our collaborations with other projects in the FLOW ecosystem including Ballerz, Flowverse Socks, The Party Gooberz, Goated Goats and NEO

Join The Community

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to connect with your new peers. Chat with us in the Cafeteria as we prepare for the upcoming first school year starting July. Be sure to check out for more details! We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus.