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January 14, 2021
Project Update: Chainmonsters NFT Drop
Project Update: Chainmonsters NFT Drop

Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is a new and exhilarating cross-platform multiplayer online game where you can catch, battle, trade and compete with digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open world experience.

Kickstarter Recap

In November 2020 we held a Kickstarter campaign and raised more than $120,000 USD in funding with over 700 backers participating - exceeding our initial funding goal and expectations by far.

Since then, we have expanded the core development team and are adding additional game and blockchain features.

During the campaign, users were able to play a Chainmonsters demo version on Steam, iOS and Android, with 3,000 players engaged and approximately 20,000 caught Chainmons - thanks to our state of the art game server technology, we were able to process them without a sweat.

Role of NFTs within Chainmonsters

In Chainmonsters we take a different approach to how digital assets work and how we use them to empower players. Every Chainmon, item or collectible is represented as a NFT on Flow blockchain.

Taking a break at the beach and find a clam? Pick it up! You can use it as a resource for crafting - or sell it to someone else on the in-game marketplace! That #1 item, or #888 if you are in Asia, could be quite valuable to some collectors.

When you play the game you will have special encounters like mini-bosses and dungeons on your journey. These sometimes do have achievements attached and once-in-a-lifetime rewards if you are the very first player to ever defeat or complete them. In traditional games you can only brag to your friends or the community if you happened to be the first one to ever complete it. With Chainmonsters, we wanted to go to the next level and offer additional incentive layers for the most engaged players! You won't only receive one of a kind reward, everyone can see and prove that it was actually you who did it!

When catching wild Chainmons, each one is also represented on Flow as unique NFT. Even though each type are not limited in supply, their value comes from their stats, traits, mutations and abilities given to them at birth, over time and through various unique visual effects applied to their body. Sometimes a Chainmon might not have the best stats but their colors may be interesting or unique to you or other collectors.

The Crystal variation Chainmon was only available during this Kickstarter campaign and differentiates itself through an exclusive unique visual effect. There will be only 600 Crystal Chainmons in total in the entire game, making them highly sought-after rare collectible NFTs.

Not all of them were sold in the Kickstarter so we are dropping a few remaining ones on VIV3 marketplace in the coming weeks! We are also planning to keep few Crystal Chainmons for future special events like a live auction, as tournament prize or other special occasions. The listing on VIV3 will the be last time participants will be able to grab them at a fixed price close to Kickstarter backers. The future will be wild!

Season Pass (Monetization)

In the game we put a ton of focus on creating a dynamic and fully player driven economy, that is why we have chosen a special monetization model that ensures that we as a company have a sustainable business model that empowers our players and pushes out additional content for many years to come!

Instead of selling NFTs directly to players, we take a different approach. A season pass allows our players to earn additional and time exclusive rewards while playing the game. There are daily, weekly and monthly challenges that range from smaller tasks to an exclusive quest. Completing those challenges grants you rewards in the form of NFTs.

A season only lasts for a set amount of time, so naturally each season reward comes with a supply cap. Even if players own the season passes there is no guarantee that they will complete all challenges and therefore get their hands on all rewards. There is a dynamic scarcity going on that will determine the rarity of those rewards especially if we are talking about an exclusive cosmetic, outfit or material!

With seasons being both time and reward exclusive, players have no way to obtain those special rewards other than the in-game marketplace through the player-driven economy in the future.

With our upcoming Closed Alpha, each player receives a free complimentary Pre-Season Pass which lets you earn 25 additional NFTs for helping us test the game.

Access is granted to all our original Kickstarter backers. If you would like to be part of it you can grab Alpha Access from another player through the VIV3 marketplace in the coming weeks.

VIV3 launch

On VIV3 players can sell or trade their exclusive rewards they obtained during our Kickstarter, and sell their additional Alpha Access NFTs to anyone interested. On our own store you can buy yourself into the game and Alpha for around 20 EURs, but since Kickstarter backers - depending on their chosen tier - have received multiple Alpha Access NFTs, will likely list them on VIV3 at a market driven pricing.

Coming up next

After our demo we received a ton of feedback and gathered lots of technical data which we are already using to create the next stages of our game systems.

In fact, we are re-writing our game server and - thanks to our partnership with Unity - we are now building on Multiplay, the AAA architecture, to be ready to scale our multiplayer servers to the next level.

Mixing state of the art realtime gameservers with the highly scalable and fast Flow blockchain, we can deliver a seamless and never before seen experience empowered by digital NFT assets and a true player-driven economy.

Why Flow?

Flow is a new blockchain built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them. The core design tenets guiding Flow are consumer-centric and developer-friendly principles that made this highly scalable blockchain network the go-to ecosystem for big global brands like NBA, UFC, Ubisoft, Dr. Seuss and Warner Music Group.

We have been working very closely with the Flow ecosystem as part of the Flow Alpha program (now Flow Early Adopter Track) for almost a year now. The consumer-centric design offered by Flow allows us to build seamless onboarding experiences that will enable Chainmonsters to penetrate the mass market more easily, compared to other crypto games released to date.

When a user launches our game, they can start playing immediately, without needing any knowledge about blockchain. They have an anonymous Flow account created in the background and once they decide to continue playing and take full responsibility for their earned digital assets, they can claim full control of their account seamlessly. That is easily accomplished, without overengineering, thanks to the multisig support Flow offers by default. It has always been important to us finding the right balance between ease of access, highly engaging gameplay and decentralized digital assets ownership.

How serious are we?

Our team has spent over 3 years building and designing every detail of this game. To date, we have already shipped around 70% of our full roadmap game mechanics, created long-term partnerships and designed our vision of how a true player-driven economy should look like on a massive scale. We are not the typical Kickstarter project that is just launching right now, instead we are ready to release the Alpha version without delay. Chainmonsters will be one of the first blockchain enabled cross-platform massive multiplayer game to reach mainstream adoption.