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January 7, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Fright Club ready to horrify on Flow
Partner Spotlight: Fright Club ready to horrify on Flow

This is a guest post from the Fright Club team.

What’s good fam, we are Beam, the creative dream team behind Fright Club.  A tight crew of creators, artists, writers and directors who came together with a vision to light up web3 with original content. Fright Club is the platform for horror NFTs, transforming the genre through cinematic storytelling and jaw-dropping animation.  

What is Fright Club?

Fright Club was created as the premier destination for horror fans on Flow. Our NFTs fuse the best of horror films with original characters, storylines, direction and animation. 

In addition, we’ve partnered with beloved horror film icons from classic films to create their digital legacy for future fans. Our first launch features NFTs from our brand ambassador Tony Moran, the actor who played Michael Myers from the legendary film Halloween (1978)

Paired with a strong core community, thoughtful and relevant engagement, and exclusive rewards, we are paving the way for horror fans past, present and future. 

Our NFTs

Our collectibles are dark, twisted moments offered in packs that can be collected and traded. Fright Club views its NFTs as living and evolving collectibles, meaning as we do more drops, the stories and characters features in our collectibles will evolve. Each launch is another installment in an ongoing story.

Owners can earn exclusive rewards including: signed memorabilia, exclusive access to special chats, streaming events, and enhanced digital experiences such as challenges, digital games, and immersive VR experiences.   

Why Flow?

Fright Club on Flow, means scares for all.

Fright Club chose to build on Flow due to its enthusiastic and innovative group of collectors, who we believe share the same vision of innovation and community that will help shape the future together. We’re excited about how easy it is to use and environmentally friendly the blockchain is already. 

We also believe that by creating on Flow we are reaching a wide audience that helps to democratize NFT ownership and collecting. 

We are constantly seeking new and better ways to scare you 

The flexibility in Flow's smart contracts facilitates the goals we have as we continue to develop increasingly immersive experiences.

How to participate

Get Fright Club NFTs when we go live

Visit on January 13th at 6pm ET and purchase our drop directly from our marketplace! We have three packs available priced at $13, $49 and $129. Purchasing will be done on (or through your Blocto Wallet. Get started here to get ready for the drop. 

Score a Limited Edition First Mint Fright Club NFT

Purchase any of our mystery packs to get a fright club NFT. All users logged into the platform who make a purchase of a pack on January 13th, will receive a chance to get a limited edition Fright Club First Mint NFT to commemorate our first launch. 

Join the Community

Ain't no party like a fright club party 'cuz a fright club party don't stop.

Fright Club means Halloween parties go all year long. 

You can follow along on Discord and Twitter to connect with other collectors, share your own ideas and insight for Fright Club drops, and become a part of the evolution of the project!  More details to come at -- we're looking forward to having you join the team!

About Us

Fright Club by Beam is the premier space for horror on the blockchain, by and for horror fans. Our NFTs are the ultimate collector’s items for true horror fans and are redefining how art, entertainment, and community interact in the digital space. 

FrightClub is powered by Niftory, a platform that makes it easy to launch and manage NFT experiences. The Niftory team has been amazing with helping us build out a powerful and easy to use experience and bring it to all of our fans. You can learn more about Niftory at