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July 21, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Find your metaverse best friend with SolarPups
Partner Spotlight: Find your metaverse best friend with SolarPups

This is a guest post from the SolarPups team

Hi Flow Dog Lovers! 

We are the founders of SolarPups, a 3D, animated, interactive NFT project built #onFlow. Think of us like CryptoKitties x Tamagotchi. We are also the founders of Krikey App, a mobile Augmented Reality gaming app with 5M+ downloads that is ranked in the Top 25 consumer apps on Google Play India. Our love for dogs inspired us to bring our Web2 skills over to Web3 and we built SolarPups! 

What is SolarPups? 

Our mission is to bring the joy of dogs to life in SolarPups. SolarPups are your metaverse best friend. In the game, owners can collect, play, breed, buy and sell. Each Solarpup has a unique set of traits with different rarity levels that determine their value. 

When you adopt a Solarpup, you can play fetch, boop its nose and teach it to sit. More playtime means a full happiness bar for your dog. Once the happiness bar is full, you can breed your dog. Happier Dogs Breed Better. The strength of the bond between you and your dog determines the utility of your NFT and its offspring. With the offspring SolarPups NFTs, you can gift, sell, or even keep them as you grow your collection of cute pups!

When do SolarPups land? 

In August of this year, we will be launching our first breed drop with a collection of Shiba Inus. The Shibs will be dressed in adorable clothing (the traits) and come in a wide variety of colors. Partners for this upcoming NFT drop include: 

  • T-Mobile: We are a part of T-Mobile’s XR Accelerator and they will be supporting the launch of SolarPups!
  • UserTesting: We recently won the UserTesting Illumi Small Business Award and are excited to share more about how we user test in web3. UserTesting will also be buying SolarPups!

The SolarPups NFT collection will include future breed drops with different dog breeds, traits and partners. We will have our own marketplace on our website, built on Flow. Additional details for each Phase of our launch plan will be available on the roadmap section of our website. 

Users will be able to purchase special SolarPups packs in our pre-sale leading up to the launch date. Packs will give a user two dogs, which enables them to utilize our breeding feature first when it launches. NFT owners will also be able to sell SolarPups in our marketplace on the website. 

NFT packs will cost as low as $75 to ensure accessibility and open the community to as many dog lovers as possible. SolarPups NFT collectors can collect SolarPups, take photos and videos of their pup to share on social media, play with their NFT dog, breed it and then gift, sell or hold the offspring SolarPups. 

Coming in the next phase of our launch plan, we will be doing a merch drop featuring SolarPups (so you can wear your dog, but not in the Cruella DeVil way) and additional breed drops (in case you love dogs but maybe want something other than a Shiba Inu, tweet us your breed requests!). Also keep an eye out for special airdrops from our team, created exclusively for your Gen-0 Solarpup!

Why SolarPups Built On Flow

SolarPups decided to build on Flow because it is eco-friendly, has low gas fees and an incredibly supportive developer ecosystem. As we considered who our owners might be for SolarPups, we realized that our audience of dog lovers may not already be engaged in Crypto – but SolarPups was an opportunity to onboard them to Web3.

Having a team behind the blockchain that understood this and could support our efforts at not only building the game but also welcoming new folks to the metaverse was important. Flow also makes wallet integration easy and is the best blockchain to onboard folks who are brand new to crypto and Web3 games. We also love playing CryptoKitties and have always wanted to play a dog version of the game!

The Flow team also consists of some super awesome dog lovers who very kindly helped guide us through technical set up and marketing strategy. Thank you Team Flow! 

Adopt a Solarpup 

We are very grateful to everyone who has read this and is following our journey into the World of SolarPups. If you have a dog or want one, consider adopting a Solarpup! They don’t shed, drool or do zoomies on the couch. We only mint good pups and hope you enjoy adopting a metaverse best friend! 

Visit the SolarPups website today to adopt a Solarpup! 

You can follow us everywhere (except into the bathroom please) 🐾