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December 9, 2022
Flow Developer Grants: End of year roundup
Chris Ackermann
Flow Developer Grants: End of year roundup

The Flow Developer Grants program supports the ecosystem of developers building the future of the decentralized web on the Flow blockchain.  We provide funding for projects that address pain points and gaps in the Flow ecosystem and help the community accelerate our work to bring the benefits of open worlds to the masses.

Community members can participate in the program in a number of ways:

• Review our wishlist items and submit a proposal to help address important ecosystem gaps that have been identified and are in need a solution.

• Submit a wishlist item for an ecosystem gap that you have identified. You don’t need to work on it yourself, but you can help identify others who can and will.

• Review proposals submitted by others in the community by upvoting or commenting as more feedback from the community is always helpful.

As we continue to grow the program, we’re excited to share more regular updates with the Flow community in order to bring more visibility to new and existing grants and its potential to close gaps for ecosystem at large.

By the numbers

As of the end of November 2022, the Flow Developer Grants program has:

• Received 90 proposals for grants

• Accepted 35 of the grant proposals

• Approved completion of 69 milestones

Grants summary

Since this is our inaugural update on the program, we’ll summarize the complete set of existing grants below.  In the future, we’ll highlight newly approved grants in these updates.

Project Type Description
Interactive Art NFT Developer Tools A set of tools and composable smart contracts on the Flow blockchain for creating fully on-chain, infinitely composable and mutable artwork assets for interactive NFT experiences.
Overflow Developer Tools A set of Go scripts to make it easer to run a story consisting of creating accounts, deploying contracts, executing transactions and running scripts on the Flow Blockchain.
TypeScript Support for FCL Developer Tools Introducing support for TypeScript in the FCL JS SDK.
Flow Swift & FCL iOS Maintenance Open Source
General maintenance and feature updates to the flow-swift and fcl-swift SDKs.
FCL Android SDK Developer Tools A new FCL SDK for development of Android dapps on Flow.
Dante Network Developer Tools Middleware to empower multi-chain ecosystems to interconnect and interoperate with each other in web3.
Flow On-Chain Analytics Dashboard Developer Tools Daybreak - a general analytics tool for Flow blockchain.
Flowser Developer Tools Integrate Flowser into the Flow CLI and develop a Flowser desktop app.
Developer Onboarding Guides Educational Material A series of technical guides that lead developers through the shift from their current stack to Flow, created by the team at Dev Spotlight.
Flow .NET SDK Updates & Maintenance Open Source Maintenance Update the Flow .NET SDK to to support the Flow HTTP API.
.find NFT Detail Page Developer Tools Create .find pages for each NFT that can be reached in a content addressable/shareable way, surfacing information from as many sources as possible.
Wallets on Flow Educational Material A website that provides detailed information and guides for the variety of wallets that are available for the Flow ecosystem.
GetBlock Explorer for Flow Developer Tools Add support for Flow to the GetBlock node explorer.
MAP Protocol Developer Tools Add support for Flow to MAP Protocol’s omnichain network for web3 interoperability.
Fiat NFT Payment Plugin for Wallets Developer Tools A new plugin for wallets to support fiat payments for NFT purchases.
useFlow Developer Tools A library of React hooks for all FCL functionality, like wallet connection, executing scripts and transactions and signing messages, all while featuring built in caching, request deduplication and loading states powered by react-query.
NFTikets Developer Tools NFTikets is an event ticket minting platform that allows users to create, purchase and mint tickets for any of their events as NFTs. Using these widgets, API, and SDKs, event hosts will be able to integrate this feature on their websites with few lines of code.

As you can see there are a number of exciting tools being built, from developer tools to educational materials that will benefit the entire ecosystem. But wait, there's even more!

Flow.Study Developer Tools A Cadence code search engine, built on ElasticSearch.
My Flow NFTs Developer Tools A redesigned and improved version of the My Flow NFTs web app to provide a more robust and engaging experience for people interested in viewing their NFT collections in one place.
Nakji Network Developer Tools Indexing of Flow data and making available through the Nakji Network’s APIs, providing access to real-time on-chain data.
Conditional Ownership of NFTs Developer Tools A protocol for creators to receive recurring revenue for their projects through the conditional ownership of NFTs, through NFT renting, subscriptions, ticketing and more.
Flow Verified Project Ledger Developer Tools Store and use web2 and web3 metadata elements provided by developers in order to generate a contextual risk score.  Wallets will receive this human readable risk score from FVPL and display that to users, informing them on possibly high risk transactions and smart contract interactions.
Cadence Fun Educational Material A set of Cadence lessons, including basics with side-by-side development of smart contracts and interactive lessons using game development as an example.
Drizzle Developer Tools A series of feature enhancements to Drizzle, an advanced token distribution tool for Flow.
FCL .NET SDK Developer Tools A set of .NET libraries for FLC, including web (Blazor), desktop (.NET MAUI), mobile (.NET MAUI), and gaming (Unity).
Project Toucans Developer Tools A new tool that enables DAOs to create and manage fungible tokens and leverage for fundraising.
Flow Educational Developer Articles Educational Material A knowledge base of educational content on Flow/Cadence to increase the availability of technical guidance available to developers.
Dynamic NFTs Developer Tools A smart contract that allows for dynamic updating of NFT metadata.
Overflow Maintenance Open Source Maintenance Maintenance and feature updates for the Overflow testing DSL.
vue3 TypeScript and FCL Scaffolding Developer Tools Educational content and scaffolding for building on Flow for vue3 for the Chinese market.
Flow Bootcamp for Latin America Educational Material A bootcamp to help developers learn how to build on Flow, specifically targeted for the Latin America market.
DAOs on Flow Developer Tools A public repository of code samples and instructions to help developers create DAOs on Flow, including membership tokens, governance tokens, smart contracts, and voting.
Flow No-Code Apps Developer Tools A set of modules for the Make no-code platform that provide a more accessible entry to the Flow ecosystem for more casual users and new developers.
Pseudo-random Number Generator Developer Tools A fully on-chain pseudo-random number generator written in Cadence and an off-chain Javascript equivalent that uses the exact same seeding mechanism to replicate the same stream of random data.

Recent progress

Here’s a rundown of the recent of milestones that have been completed by grantees:

• The Inconfido team has delivered Milestone 3 and 4 on their grant, which has included the delivery of metadata standards and an MVP of their risk indicator service for the Flow Verified Project Ledger.

• The Dev Spotlight team has delivered the next two articles in their series of Developer Onboarding Guides grant, including ‘How to Build an NFT Minting dApp on Flow’ and ‘Flow & Cadence Best Practices, Patterns, and Anti-Patterns’.

• The NFTikets team has delivered their beta of their website for NFT-based event ticketing.

• The first two milestones of the FCL .NET SDK grant have been completed, which are focused on the foundation of the FCL Core Package.

• The Dynamic NFT repository has been delivered, which includes a detailed overview of how to adopt the standard into a project.

Grants Showcase

At our November DevEx Show & Tell, we held a Developer Grants Showcase, where several of our grant recipients demonstrated their progress to the community.

Flowser shared an update on their integration with the Flow CLI and the beta of their new desktop app.

• The team showed off their redesign of the My Flow NFTs web app which provides a new and engaging way for people to view NFT and Collection details.

• Tyron Brand walked through his progress on building a new FCL .NET SDK for the community.

Wrapping up

Since this is our first update of this kind, we’d love any feedback that you have on this update, as well as the Flow Developers Grants program as a whole - so please reach out in our #developers channel on Discord if you’d like to share feedback and requests.

As always, we’re looking to further grow out our wishlist to capture more gaps and needs from the ecosystem, so please feel free to submit a wishlist item, propose your own project, and provide feedback on others.