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July 20, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Jolly Jokers; Web3 Sports Community, Utility, & Gamification from Own the Moment
Partner Spotlight: Jolly Jokers; Web3 Sports Community, Utility, & Gamification from Own the Moment

This is a guest post from the Own the Moment team

Hi everyone! We are the Own the Moment team and we are excited to announce that we are moving our entire ecosystem to the FLOW blockchain, starting with our new PFP project, the Jolly Jokers, and our Web3 fantasy football game, the Owners Club. See below to learn more about everything we have going on!

Own the Moment

Own the Moment (OTM) is an integrated Web3 sports platform, built for the community, by the community. OTM originated in January 2021 as a podcast and Twitter account talking all things NBA Top Shot. As our community continued to grow, we proceeded to build out the premier analytics platform for both NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY, where users can view marketplace trends, find edges on challenges, shop deals on the marketplace, and track their account valuations via our proprietary OTM True Value model.

Over the past 18 months, we have continued to evolve our platform, expanding into utility and gamification via the Owners Club (TOC), our Web3 fantasy football game. TOC players purchase packs of NFTs, after which they can sell the NFTs on the secondary marketplace and/or use them to compete in free-to-enter fantasy football contests to win real money.

Last football season, we held 18 weeks of contests including playoffs, with nearly $1.5M in prizes distributed to the community. The 2022 season of TOC will be moving to the FLOW blockchain, kicking off shortly with a brand-new user experience redesign!

We will also be introducing a new game called Rumble, which provides utility to NFL ALL DAY moments via free-to-enter contests where you compete for Dapper balance.

Jolly Joker Sports Society

On top of this, we are proud to formally launch the Jolly Joker Sports Society (JJSS) – a collection of 5,000 NFTs living on Flow. Jolly Jokers is a heavily utility-based PFP intended for the earliest adopters of sports NFTs and  OTM suite of products.

Jolly Joker holders will receive four elements of instant utility:

  1. Lifetime access to OTM Premium analytics for NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY ($200 annual value)
  2. Free entry into a TOC Best Ball contest to compete for a share of $100k in prizes
  3. Beta access to Rumble, OTM’s upcoming product that gamifies NFL ALL DAY
  4. Access to the Jolly Joker Community Ticket fund, which will be filled with 100 pairs of sporting event tickets upon a sell out

In the spirit of Web3, we have partnered with 20+ of your favorite communities, including many others built on Flow, to join forces in creating the JJSS. During mint, users will be able to self-select into a community of their choice.

The respective community will then receive 10% of mint funds and 50% of secondary marketplace royalties, which they can re-invest in their community however they see fit. We are excited to continue adding to our incredible list of Community Partners and look forward to many cross-community competitions and leaderboards to come.

Mint Details

Jolly Jokers will be minting sometime between late July and early August at a mint price of $299. You will be able to mint Jolly Jokers directly on our website using your Dapper Wallet. We will be running a pre-order process for holders of TOC and NBA Top Shot – this will be the only way to guarantee yourself a chance at minting a Joker!

Why Flow?

We believe the next 10 million sports fans will onboard into Web3 via Flow, which is why we have decided to move our entire Own the Moment ecosystem to be ALL IN on Flow. Our projects will have Dapper Wallet integration, allowing an easy onboarding experience where users can sign up with their email and purchase with a credit card, masking the blockchain complexities behind the scenes.

We look forward to helping expand the ecosystem and partnering with other communities that are building on Flow.

How do I get Involved?

Follow us on Twitter, join our Discords, and check out our websites to learn more!