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October 26, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Mugen ARt augmenting reality on Flow
Partner Spotlight: Mugen ARt augmenting reality on Flow

This is a guest post from the Mugen ARt team.

Mugen (ムゲン(無限)) is a Japanese word meaning “infinite”. To us, ARt is granted infinite possibilities with the tech of blockchain and AR.

Mugen ARt provides fabulous digital collectibles with limited editions, covering celebrated IPs, popular designer toys, fine works from artists and more. All collectibles are NFTs with unique AR technology to present a fancy visual experience.

Mugen Team

Members of Mugen are a group of dynamic and sophisticated people who are experienced in blockchain tech, 3D modeling, augmented reality tech and IP licensing. This combination of experience is tailor-made for what we’re doing; digital collectibles stored as NFTs and displayed with AR tech. 

Revolution of Collection: Digital Collectibles

As our real life is more merged with virtual ones, the way of collecting is evolving as well. Trend is that people are starting to own digital collectibles. And Mugen ARt is pleased to be here to provide great experience and to witness the rise of digital collectibles.

Why Digital Collectibles?

As much as we love physical collectibles, we have to admit they do have limitations. A figurine of your favorite comic hero usually only has a fixed amount of poses or monotonous presentation. The artwork on your wall is static and mute. Besides, traditional collections have other drawbacks. Physical collectibles can never be sturdy enough to prevent damage, let alone the space they take and the preservation condition they require. And one crucial point for voting digital collectibles is that there would be so many details that physical ones cannot achieve.

In other words, digital collectibles outweigh physical goods in a snap of a finger. It is common in the past that finished sculptures couldn’t match with the design, whereas now artists can leave the worries and limitations behind as Mugen ARt takes it all. 

Furthermore, digital collectibles will completely get rid of the problem of inconvenience to carry. Owning digital collectibles means that you can take out your mobile phone at any time, open the Mugen ARt app, click on your digital collectibles, and enjoy your collections in any angle you like.

Of course, you can also turn on the AR camera function in the app anytime anywhere and project your collectible into the real environment, and then say to the friend next to you, "Look, this is my latest toy!"

Sounds cool. right?

Fabulous 3D NFTs

All of the digital collectibles in Mugen ARt are sculpted directly in 3D instead of clay. And to better secure the ownership, every Mugen 3D collectible is an NFT with unique identifier which can be tracked via blockchain. 

In the digital realm, you can do so much more with your collection. Creating the trend is better than chasing the trend. And we are so hyped with the possibilities the digital world can bring us. 

Mugen AR

Augmented Reality is another key function of our product. With Mugen ARt Augmented Reality features, it becomes possible to invite your collectibles to the real world. Move, rotate and interact with them wherever you like and take pictures. During these magic moments, they are no longer digital collectibles, but your Friends.  

Mugen Space

A planned function to be achieved in the near future. Mugen Space would be a place where collectors can decorate and display their collectibles. Create and customize your space to showcase your digital collectibles and share this experience in pics and clips with others around the world. 

Mugen Market

Circulation of Mugen digital collectibles is also important. At early stage we’ll seek cooperation with celebrated NFT markets to ensure smooth trades between collectors. In future versions of our products, a brand new in-app bazaar is to be expected.

Eco Partner of Mugen

Mugen ARt is always sparing no effort to enrich the brand lines, expand Mugen Ecology and go further with more partners. Below is a glance of Mugen’s Eco Partners. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all these friends who have been supporting Mugen ARt from the very beginning of the journey. And we do look forward to more friends coming in the near future.

Why build on Flow?

CryptoKitties let the entire crypto world understand the initial concept of NFTs, and NBA Top Shot shocked the real world with NFT mania. Dapper and Flow are real pioneers, proving the value of NFTs. To build on Flow means a mature system in both developing and promoting together with comprehensive support from the entire Flow ecosystem. With the upcoming NFL and La Liga launches, the entire ecosystem is getting even more prosperous.

Mugen Drop

Details of our initial Drop in Flow Fest goes as below:

Time of Drop:  13.30 UTC, Nov. 9

Content of Drop: 6 different digital collectibles from Knights on Debris, a famous CG animation produced by D.Rock-Art and Tencent Penguin Pictures.

Payment Method: FLOW

Tiers Breakdown

*Total quantity is 3688, 3588 of which are for the initial drop while 100 are for activities and promotions. Details go as below.



Commander No.2








Clytl Klana


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