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October 21, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Enter the Matrix World on Flow
Partner Spotlight: Enter the Matrix World on Flow

This is a guest post from the Matrix World team.

Hello everyone! We are the Matrix World team, and we are happy to announce that our open virtual world project is about to go live on Flow.

Welcome to Matrix World

Matrix World is a decentralized open virtual world that enables users to interact with 3D immersive applications while simultaneously running on different blockchains. The world is made up of Lands, which are issued as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and permanently persisted on blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Flow.

Thus, the Matrix Lands are tradable and transferable via blockchain networks, and their owners retain complete control over the creations on their Lands. More technically, Lands can be bounded to a sandbox in Matrix Network, and the sandbox has its own compute and storage resources.

These resources allow the landowner and creators to govern the visual appearance, inner properties, and lifecycle logic of the Land's creations, ultimately resulting in the production of a 3D immersive application that can operate in perpetuity in the Matrix cyberspace.

Features & Characteristics

1. Programmable NFTs and Objects:

We are introducing unique and new features in Matrix World that have already attracted a large number of metaverse users. We plan to offer programmable NFTs and objects for the Matrix World. All in-game objects and NFTs will have their own life cycles. Landowners can customize their behaviors, visual looking, and transformations via Turing-complete programs.

2. Create With Automation

We will let users Import various NFTs on the blockchain and create in-game buildings and constructions with an automation tool.

3. Gameplay & Entertainment

Both public and user-created entertainment venues will be built in the virtual world, including 3D games, NFT galleries, and sports live centers. Players can enjoy their second life here.

Besides the above-mentioned features, Matrix World is multichain cyberspace that will support different blockchain infrastructures. In the start-up stage, it supports two blockchain networks which are Flow and Ethereum. However, we do have a time schedule to expand our territories on other blockchain networks in the next few years.

Matrix World Team

Our Matrix World team has extensive experience with blockchain games, middleware, and the metaverse. Inspired by CryptoKitties going online in 2017, we developed several blockchain games. Cell Evolution, which won an award worth millions, successfully helped us establish closer connections with the world's first blockchain games developer ecosystems.

Share the views with the World

We feel proud of the global developer ecosystem we have developed. We hosted Metaverse Bootcamp on Aug 15th, 2021, organized around blockchain games with courses taught by senior blockchain experts and top university professors with practical expertise. Over 30 blockchain games and Metaverse projects were incubated during the one-month training, producing the first Metaverse developer ecosystem.

We are long-term builders in blockchain and a decentralized world. We hope we can help more developers worldwide get into the metaverse and grow up with the community. IN METAVERSE, WE BUIDL!

Connections with ChainIDE

We also have been long-term strategic collaborators with the ChainIDE ecosystem. ChainIDE, originally developed by the White Matrix, is a cutting-edge cloud-based blockchain integrated development environment that supports the best-known underlying blockchain layers including Flow, FaceBook Diem, Ant Chain, Ethereum.

ChainIDE enables users to quickly invoke, query, develop and deploy the underlying blockchain system services through simpler settings and commands. As of August 2021, ChainIDE has assisted developers in more than 165 countries with over 5 million smart contract compilation services and 70 million blockchain middleware flows worldwide.

Collaborators and Partners

We have long-term partnerships with ChainIDE, Flow, WhiteMatrix, Opensea, University of Alberta Multimedia Research Center (MRC), Mask, Rivermen, and Game Creator that will allow us to remain the industry stewards for marrying immersive technology with impactful storytelling. We will continuously welcome the opportunities to engage with other blockchain companies and experts in the field.


2021 Q4

Community Pre-sale

Oct 15th: 1st wave (up to 2000 Lands on Ethereum)

Oct 26th: 2nd wave (up to 5000 Lands on Flow)

Nov 8th: 3rd wave (up to 3000 Lands on Ethereum)

2022 Q1

Multichain Identity System

Support for Ethereum and Flow Accounts 

Globalization and Targeting of Communities and Brands

2022 Q2

Matrix World v1.0: A Traversable World

Release of A Traversable World with Core 3D Dapps

Space Virtual Machine SDK and API Closed Beta Testing


2022 Q3

Matrix World Builder and Developer API & SDK

Builder API and SDK Release

Coder API and SDK Release

2022 Q4

Matrix World v2.0: A Programmable World

Object and Scene Editor & Low-Code Creation Tool Release

Partnership and Collaboration with Builder Organizations

2023 Q1

Matrix World v3.0: A Infinite world

Programmable NFT Support

Global Creator Grant Event

Project Origin: AI-Generated Metaverse Release

Why Flow and how do I participate?

Flow is a unique, multi-role architecture, and designed to scale without sharding, allowing for massive improvements in speed and throughput while preserving a developer-friendly, ACID-compliant environment.

The aspects of Flow that were appealing to the Matrix team include ease of wallet integration such as Blocto wallet, which is easy to use and does not require installations while registering for some events like other wallets such as MetaMask. Moreover, Flow also has a global ecosystem and we see a huge number of innovative projects. Matrix World also wants to build up a global metaverse community, and we believe the long-term collaboration with Flow will help our ecosystem become more prosperous.

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