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October 26, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Flowns, more than domain names on Flow
Partner Spotlight: Flowns, more than domain names on Flow

This is a guest post from the Flowns team.

Hello, we are Flowns, and we wanted to share a bit about our upcoming platform launch on Flow.

Flowns is a community-driven project, aimed to build an opening protocol of identities and assets with individualization for users. The founder of the Flowns team has rich experience in Internet application development and deeply participates in the Flow community.

2021 is the year of on-chain application and data explosion. Blockchain as a decentralized ledger is a digital-based ledger and a database for decentralized business. More data needs to be stored on-chain, such as identities, rights, metadata, and complex business data.

This is the unprecedented opportunity that Flowns saw.

Why Flowns?

Looking back at the development process of the Internet, infrastructure and applications are constantly promoting each other.

In the field of cryptocurrency, both the Defi protocol and the NFT boom are inseparable from the gradual improvement of infrastructure.

We believe in the trend of blockchain technology and application in the future:

  • Blockchain will still maintain the asset oriented trend
  • Blockchain-based data and asset types will keep growing
  • The boundary between assets and data will gradually blur
  • More businesses will embrace decentralization
  • The Infrastructure protocol will have more room for growth

Based on these predictions, the idea of how to build a decentralized protocol that can serve the trends is formed.

What is Flowns doing?

Based on a domain name service, with cadence, Flowns will provide these:

  • Readable name for users
  • On-chain identities and profiles
  • More functional and customized digital assets: Flowns domains
  • More general protocols to cover the needs of multiple assets
  • Flexible storage of assets and data by composability
  • Easy adaption for more products and protocols
  • More decentralization

Flowns has many features including a basic model of name service, multi-root domains, and subdomains for commercial use. Domain NFTs can also nest any type of fungible and non-fungible tokens.

You can also easily keep data and assets by using Flowns domain on-chain, and adapt to various demand scenarios in the future, as the features and models running on Flow are open source.

This means that any developer can build permissionless applications based on the Flowns protocol.

For example:

  • A third-party domain name resolution client with a personal information page displaying the data and nest assets in different Flowns domain names (e.g Loot)
  • The medal system can award the honor on-chain to users with domain names (POAP based on the domain name; super cool right?)
  • Decentralized blog (will it be another Mirror?)
  • NFT exhibition hall can display all collected NFT assets in the domain owner (Showtime to everyone)
  • For multi-chain information aggregation, Flowns has the ability to extend services outside the chain (information aggregate)

As an infrastructure, Flowns also needs to maintain healthy and dynamic development, so a community-driven path is the way forward.

Why we chose Flow

Flowns is invested in the long-term potential of the ecosystem. On the technical side, cadence wins in a variety of technology selections. The resource-based model is more suitable for implementing the needs of these basic agreements in a completely decentralized way.

What’s next?

Flowns will unite with our community partner Mynft On October 29, the genesis mint of the Flowns domain name `.fn` and the secondary market trading will be opened in Mynft as well, which will open a new chapter for Flowns.

The price of Flowns domain rent fee one year will be:

  • 5+ length name:  0.32 FLOW per year
  • 4 length will open one month  after genesis mint, price TBD
  • 3 length will open two months after genesis mint, price TBD

Flowns will build a DAO, upgrade the account to a multi-sign address, and invite more influential people in the flow community to become members of the Flowns DAO.

Next, there will be richer usage scenarios and definition scenarios based on Flowns domain names, waiting for everyone to build and publish. Let’s wait and see what happens!

Mynft is a Flow-based NFT platform designed to connect east and west markets, provide users with premium mint NFTs, trading, and social experience, our plans are about:

1. Support NFT primary sales for great creators, attract users through unique and innovative content.

2. Support NFT secondary trading, provide a localized trading experience for users.

Mynft hopes to create a new experience for creators and users through the “Create to Earn” model.

You can visit the Flowns website and Mynft

Follow Twitter or join Discord to know more about the Flowns and genesis mint.