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July 28, 2022
Creator Spotlight: FEWOCiOUS brings his vibrant art to Flow on Billboard ChartStars
Creator Spotlight: FEWOCiOUS brings his vibrant art to Flow on Billboard ChartStars

This is a guest post from the Billboard ChartStars team.

NFT art legend FEWOCiOUS is coming to Flow via Billboard ChartStars, which is powered by Unblocked. He’s had approximately $50 million in sales across auction houses and leading platforms like Christie's, Sotheby’s, Nifty Gateway and SuperRare. He brings his unique flare and inspiring story to this special drop collaboration. So what does this drop mean to Fewo and what can you get in on?

Here’s a Q&A with the artist sprinkled with behind-the-scenes drafts!

What does the NFT community mean to you?

Art wise, I can run wild and make whatever my heart wants… without thinking of it in real life logistics and practicalities. For this drop I made a magazine that stretches beyond normal physics and floats inside of a psychedelic moving rainbow, showing videos on the pages. Haha.

This community is the future to me, its people who understand that there are so many digital assets creators have uploaded for free online for years, got turned away from traditional art galleries because our stuff is digital or too weird, and now with the blockchain there’s a good way for me to give you my floating stretchy emotional magazine of feelings. 

What has it been like working with Billboard on the profile piece and Billboard Magazine cover?

Epic. I think its super dope Billboard is doing this with me and understands what NFTs could do for them as a business covering the music industry. If you make magazines and run a website and social media accounts covering what’s happening, why not take the digital footprint a step forward and put part of it on the blockchain too. 

Why did you decide to create this NFT for Billboard ChartStars? 

I grew up always seeing the Billboard magazines at the store so I was fanboying and thought it would be so gnarly to see my art on a big magazine one day. I always dreamed of that. I thought it would be even cooler if one of the characters I made for FewoWorld was on the cover too. 

On ChartStars, fans can sign up with email and pay with credit card. What does accessibility for your NFTs mean for your community?

Ow. My head hurt so bad the first time I heard the whole blockchain cryptocurrency nonfungible token explanation. I get it now and know it very well but, it’s a lot to learn all at once!!! So the fact that people can pay with credit card and instantly get introduced to this world and learn at their own pace and see what they like and don’t is epic. I think it’s too much to explain all at once and makes a lot of people turn away from the space. Education is everything.

See the final artwork and drop site here:

Time: Friday July 29 2pm ET / 11am PT

Quantity: 250

Price: $250

Charity Donation: The Trevor Project