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October 18, 2021
Partner Spotlight: xtingles brings ASMR to NFTs
Partner Spotlight: xtingles brings ASMR to NFTs

This is a guest post from the xtingles team.

Hello everyone!  We are xtingles, the world’s first ASMR NFT production, distribution, and marketplace company for artists and collectors.  

Since our debut at First Mint Festival with Blocto, we’ve been incredibly overwhelmed by the support of more than 75,000 collectors worldwide, and honored to empower more ASMR artists to create their first NFTs. 

Most importantly, we are happy to share with you that xtingles is proud to be part of the Flow Ecosystem, and excited to announce our upcoming ASMR Ting drop with Tik Tok Superstar Lev Cameron on October 20th at 11 am EST.

What is ASMR?

Autonomous sensory meridian response refers to a feeling of sensation people get from tranquil sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and roleplaying. Often known as “brain massage,” ASMR tingles generally begin on the scalp and move down to the spine. Many have said that this feeling is deeply relaxing and can even help them fall asleep. 

You can experience ASMR from various triggers, ranging from bubble wrap popping, pencil writing, wood carving, haircutting, chalk crushing, ear cleaning, and even listening to the famed soft-spoken painter Bob Ross teaching you his brushstroke techniques. Moreover, ASMR is expansive and accommodating to all types of sights and sounds that usually involve personal attention. 

One thing to note is that most ASMR videos are typically long in duration; however, for ASMR NFTs or Tings at xtingles, we’ve opted a deliberate design choice of limiting each audiovisual content loop to be a maximum of 60-seconds-or-less in length due to considerations of file size and current NFT market’s appetite for digital collectibles.

xtingles at glance

On the surface, xtingles is a mobile-first platform that utilizes NFT technology to cement ASMR sounds on the immutable blockchain.

But scratch beneath the exterior a bit and you will discover that it is so much more. xtingles combines NFTs with the mental health benefits of ASMR (audio, visual, and kinesthetic therapy) and mints them on the most environmentally friendly blockchain, Flow! 

In other words, it provides listeners with everything they need for a relaxed life while tapping into cutting-edge technology, and all the benefits NFTs provide to artists and collectors.

Our goal is to help NFT collectors and connoisseurs to discover personalized sensory soundscapes that can be uniquely theirs and empower our international community of artists to launch their ASMR work as NFTs. Best of all, collectors get to truly own NFTs that trigger pleasant experiences and memories.

The go-to destination for ASMR artists and listeners

With xtingles, we aim to help ASMR artists and other audio artists connect with their audience on a personal level. In addition to the benefits of providing ownership and originality, the platform also offers to artists: 

  • Scalability
  • Better discoverability
  • Direct interaction with fans
  • Freedom of creation from algorithms

In addition to the primary marketplace where artists simply sell their work to collectors, Xtingles also offers a secondary market — a place where collectors can list, buy and sell Tings. 

I’m Sold. How Do I Participate?

If you are an NFT collector looking for soothing tracks to enrich your collection, an artist that wants to sell their high-quality ASMR memorabilia to the broader public with peace of mind, or simply an ASMR enthusiast, then xtingles is the place to be!

To make xtingles ASMR Tings more user-friendly and available to everyone, we’ve partnered with the best multi-chain crypto wallet provider, Blocto App, and leading fiat to crypto on-and-off ramp, Moonpay, to ensure the best user experience. 

Remember to download Blocto Wallet from your Appstore, and purchase FUSD with Moonpay. Wa-la! You’re ready to collect and own your first Ting!

Last but not least, kindly note that the best way to keep up with our drops, giveaways, and special announcements is to follow us on Twitter and join our vibrant ASMR community on Discord

Discover ASMR with xtingles — your portal to forever bliss!