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October 19, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Racing Time brings high octane to Flow
Partner Spotlight: Racing Time brings high octane to Flow

This is a guest post from the Racing Time team.

What is Racing Time?

Racing Time is the next-generation RAC game built on Flow. With a unique NFT architecture design, Racing Time will not only allow players to collect and trade rare cars, but also invites players to modify and assemble their personalized racing beast with 50+ parts and gadgets, as well as countless car skins designed by top-notch artists and designers.


The team behind Racing Time consists of over ten gaming industry veterans who, on average, have 7+ years experience in game development including experts on metrics, system design, and graphic design. We also own the patent for our own racing physics engine operating system which is essential to the making of any original RAC gaming experience. For us, building Racing Time is a bold part-away from the traditional gaming industry, and an attempt to solve the long existing problem of item ownership in gaming.

Game Mechanism

There are two core parts in the Racing Time gaming experience: racing and modification. While the main purpose of car modification is to enhance car performance in races against other players, we believe that the complex and professionally designed car tuning system will in itself become the focus of interest for many hardcore car fans.

When designing Racing Time, our principle was to stick with the traditional racing game protocol as much as possible so that previous racing gamers are able to immediately start playing with minimal friction, while making a few gaming model twists so it doesn’t turn into just “another NFS copypasta”. Players can choose to battle against other players with our PvP (Player vs. Player) system, or to go along the storyline with the PvE (Player vs. Environment) system and unlock essential parts for car modification.

In regard to the modification system, we can say with confidence that Racing Time is second to none. Suspension system module, engine module, transmission module, brake module, nitrogen tank module and jet power module are the six core modules that can be used to substantially enhance your car performance. All of the modules are upgradable based on the premise of the quality of your car. Along with the core modules, there are 50+ general gadgets and styling accessories, all of which can be used to build an absolutely racing beast that is unique to you.

NFT Integration

In the traditional gaming industry, game companies own everything from the limited edition skins you purchased for unimaginable price to the rare items you won through a series of difficult tasks. Most of the time, the game companies won’t allow you to trade items because it disrupts their monopoly on the supply side, but even in the cases where there is a built-in secondary market, the value of these items are still at the mercy of the game company’s decision. 

We see the potential in NFT to fundamentally disrupt the dynamics of this industry-wide norm. Essentially, NFT is a technology that works as the proof of ownership of digital assets. For the first time in the gaming industry, the owner of a specific gaming item can actually prove that he/she owns the item, however ironic that might sound. 

The Racing Time team 100% embraces the web3 ethos of “your token, your asset,” and we believe that by combining the expertise from traditional gaming industry with the decentralization allowed by this new technology, we willprovide the best gaming experience the world has yet to see. 

Why Flow?

If we are heading towards a multi-chain future, then our team believes that Flow is one of the most promising candidates to become the metaverse Disneyland. Low fee and high throughput combined with strong entertainment industry connections and IP resources give Flow the edge to absorb a large amount of DeFi users. You can find more info on Flow scaling solutions in their technical paper here.

The intrinsic flexibility of Flow’s architectural design also allows our team to explore new possibilities on how we can integrate NFT into our gaming experience. In the process of coming up with a unique solution for NFT assembling, core Flow developers have been extremely helpful and supportive in terms of providing technical advice and laying out potential use-cases in our future development.

In addition to the technical advantages Flow has over other traditional blockchains, the strong and diversified NFT community brought together by projects such as NBA Top Shot, NFL, La Liga, CryptoKitties and Genies alike is a clear indicator of Flow team’s marketing and operational capability in terms of onboarding new consumers and attracting cool, innovative projects to build on Flow.

We believe that through active collaboration with other projects within the Flow ecosystem, Racing Time will not only benefit itself from the thriving Flow community, but also provide the ecosystem as a whole with an engaging and exciting playground, where different communities can interact and have friendly matches that further grow the bonding force between each other.

Racing Time Genesis Pre-sale

The genesis Pre-sale begins on October 21st, 2021. Three tiers of Mystery Boxes will be available to purchase at Platinum, Gold and Diamond. Each Mystery Box contains 1 car and 5 accessories differing in rarity. The higher tier the Mystery Box, the better chance you will get items of high rarity level. Everything contained in our Mystery Box Pre-sale will be limited edition and never be produced again.

For a detailed breakdown on the price and item distribution of mystery boxes of each tier, check out this diagram

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