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July 25, 2022
Partner Spotlight: Cuvée Collective launching the worlds first wine NFT club on Flow
Partner Spotlight:  Cuvée Collective launching the worlds first wine NFT club on Flow

This is a guest post from Libation Labs

Hello Flow! 

We are Libation Labs, the makers of Cuvée Collective, the world's first wine NFT club. We are seasoned entrepreneurs, fully doxxed operators, and wine lovers. We are located in the wine capital of America - Napa Valley, California.

‍We are excited to launch our first NFT collection, The Collector, on July 27th on Flow. The Collector NFT gives the NFT holder access to all future NFT drops 24 hours before they are open to the public, in addition our core Cuvée Collective benefits include members-only discord channels, community voting status, concierge services, Sommelier hotline, airdrops, events, and giveaways. The launch of The Collector will be followed by our secondary trading launch of our Gaia Marketplace, which houses some of the best NFTs on Flow. 

We are also excited to announce we have partnered with over 25 wine brands in the Napa and Sonoma Valley to create individual wine NFT collections, 12 of which will drop later this fall. Each collection will be specially curated for NFT holders and will include unique, off-menu experiences that will be accessible both digitally and in person. Benefits include exclusive winemaker dinners and events, virtual one-on-one tastings with winery owners, and even rare wine allocations.

What is Cuvée Collective?

Cuvée Collective is a wine NFT club located in Napa Valley, California. We have partnered with the best wine brands and will release limited edition collections of Wine NFTs in partnership with each brand. 

Wine NFTs are utility-backed NFTs. They give the holder access to wine, wine allocations, events, and experiences. For example, a Wine NFT from a wine brand might give you two rare bottles of wine, a wine tasting with the winemaker, and the ability to buy wine not offered to the public. 

All wine NFT collections will be unique in their offerings as we are working with each brand to launch unique experiences specific to their brand. 

What We Love About Flow

Here at Cuvée Collective, we chose to launch on Flow because of the unique offerings they provide consumers. We knew we needed to provide easy access to our NFT collections for those who were not necessarily familiar with Web3 and blockchain technology. The user-friendliness of Flow, in addition to their focus on sustainability, ease of consumer onboarding, the amazing Flow team, and last but not least, the success of other projects like NBA Top Shot, made launching on Flow the best possible decision for our project. 

How To Participate 

Our roadmap is straightforward. 

We will drop the The Collector NFT on July 27th, followed by the weekly drop of wine NFT collections starting in August. 

The Collector NFT gives any holder the opportunity to join the pre-sale of any Wine NFT collection. Also, it is important to note that you do not need to be a Collector holder to buy a Wine NFT, you just increase your chances of buying a Wine NFT by holding The Collector. 

Wine NFT collections will be individual branded collections and will include unique and rare wine benefits specific to each branded NFT Collection. Wine NFTs will range from $50 - $1000 depending on the benefits offered by the winery.

Join The Community

We would love for you to join our community! You can join us in Discord or follow along on Twitter to connect with other collectors, share your own ideas for future NFT Drops and become a part of the Collector Community. More details can also be found on our website at

Cheers and welcome to the Collective! 

About Libation Labs

Libation Labs is focused on bringing wine to web3 with our first project Cuvée Collective. We have raised $600K to date from top-tier investors, including Hyper